Organization of a day regimen of the newborn

Organization of a day regimen of the newborn

Emergence in the house of the kid makes significant changes to habitual tenor of life. Each mom should think over carefully the new day regimen, adapting to the kid.

For the first month it is necessary to watch carefully the baby, his behavior and reaction. It is possible to note time of awakening, meal. Shortly very much it will be well noticeable that the child has the algorithm of life. After that mom will need to arrange a day regimen of the baby under the schedule, if necessary having corrected it and, of course, to have patience. All this in many respects will facilitate life and will fill it with tranquility. Undoubtedly, each child is in own way individual and has own day regimen. 

However it is possible to allocate approximate periods of its dream and wakefulness:

  • 5–6 o'clock in the morning – time of the first feeding. The kid can wake mom exacting shout, especially if it is on artificial feeding. In case the child remained dry after acceptance of food, it is possible to enjoy quietly together with it rest-hours at dawn.
  • ​ 9 o'clock in the morning – rise time because the baby wants to eat again. First of all it is necessary to feed him then it is possible to be engaged in the morning ritual including change of a diaper and water procedures. Of course, mom cannot also forget and most to have breakfast, the healthy nutrition is an important component of full breastfeeding. 
  • 10–11 hours – at this time it is possible to go to the street. Fresh air is very useful both to mom, and to the kid.
  • 12 hours – the newborn demands a breast, he wants to eat. The child's vykladyvaniye on a stomach before feeding and holding gymnastic procedures for babies will be very useful. After that he again will fall asleep for some time, having presented to mom of minute of tranquility and an opportunity to be engaged in chores. 
  • 15 hours – repeated feeding after which it is possible to go to repeated walk. 
  • 18 hours – a great time for holding water procedures.

 Some kids since the birth well sleep at night therefore mothers for maintenance successful        feedings by a breast should awake them. But most of children wake up, demanding a breast. Such          feedings are considered as the most important, thanks to them the lactation is supported. Therefore not              it is recommended to neglect it.  In order that the baby slept all night long, it is necessary to provide it the quiet atmosphere whenever possible          having eliminated all inconveniences.

  Main among them are:

- Hunger. If the child is full, he will not wake up. Therefore it is desirable to note time between feedings. If the baby constantly asks a breast, it is possible to consult on this subject with the children's doctor and to enter a feeding up for the night; - Moisture. Dry diapers are the integral component of a quiet dream. Now use of disposable diapers considerably facilitates life to mothers. The baby well sleeps at night, and there is no need  to constantly change clothes of it; - Cold. Putting the kid to bed for the night, it is necessary to dress well the child or to cover him with a warm blanket, the main thing that he at the same time did not sweat.  The daily routine of the kid of life is rather difficult mechanism which is put by the nature. But it is possible and to make changes to it, putting on the right track. For this purpose parents need to put in this process all forces and patience.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team