Otitis symptoms at the baby

Otitis symptoms at the baby

Otitis – inflammatory process of one of three departments of an ear. The most frequent illness of kids – so-called average otitis. It arises usually against the background of severe cold when mucous a nose swells and blocks a special ear canal – an Eustachian tube. As a result of it in a cavity of a middle ear the liquid causing inflammatory process accumulates.


1. It is usually rather simple to diagnose otitis for children of advanced age: the kid himself will begin to complain of pain in an auricle. The baby can also fall a victim of this artful illness, however he is not able to tell about the feelings. Therefore a duty of mom is the attentive analysis of all possible signs of the beginning inflammation.

2. During otitis the kid often throws a breast or a small bottle, cries, twirls by the head, rolls the head, being in horizontal position, "chews" own language and worries without the visible reasons. Six-month-old children and kids of more advanced age begin to finger hands a sore ear and intensively swing the head, trying to appease pain somehow. One of important symptoms of otitis is temperature increase of a body up to 38-38.5 degrees.

3. It is possible to define otitis by the following manipulations. Press on a trestle – a small hillock before an entrance to an ear from a cheek. The sick child will begin to cry as it will bring him severe pain. At healthy the baby this procedure will not cause any reaction. Such inspection needs to be carried out regularly, especially in the period of an intensive teething. Often at this time children have a hypostasis mucous a nose and cold – the main harbinger of otitis.

4. Purulent otitis develops at kids very promptly, literally within 6-7 hours therefore if the baby had at least one of the listed symptoms, follows, without postponing to ask the expert for the help.

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