Outdoor games for children

Outdoor games for children

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Children young and old like to run about, play various outdoor games. And it is put in them by the nature as contributes to their physical development, development of endurance. Children sometimes so play, with such ecstasy drive a ball on the yard, cut by bicycle that is even forgotten to be come to be eaten home.

The most necessary

What is necessary for children for outdoor games? Actually, it is not enough. It can be the same ball, a jump rope, a snake at the playground and even chalk bar. Everything that it is necessary in order that a game turned out fascinating, to find not so difficult.

Still outdoor games require a lot of free space. It can be the playground, a clearing or some other spacious and safe place. But, perhaps, the most important that it is necessary for the child - it is friends. And children, playing together, pretty fast find a common language. To them it is much simpler, than the adult to get acquainted and make friends. If for any reasons your child did not get friends and cannot find a common language with other children, you can temporarily replace them. And still it is always more interesting to the child in the children's company.

Choice of a game

Usually children think out what to them to play, but sometimes the hint of adults happens to the place. Many games if you paid attention, get by inheritance from the previous generations. These are the same acquaintances to you "Cossacks and robbers", "hide-and-seek", "classics", "stand on the place". And this row can be continued. So safely offer children those games from your childhood which they did not play yet. At the same time it is important to explain them rules of the game intelligibly. In general, there is great variety of outdoor games. And the quantity them constantly grows. Children think out new games on the basis of the animated films watched by them, the read fairy tales, the seen life situations. For example, watched the animated film "Ninja turtles" and here – a new game where they play Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo's roles, etc. Many games can be found also in open spaces of the Internet on various children's websites. Part of them is thought up by tutors of kindergartens, elementary school teachers, organizers of children's parties and, of course, simply parents.

Age of the child

Offering any given outdoor games, it is necessary to remember that an important point is the age of your child. There are games which only kids play, and that who is more senior, they are not so interesting. "Torches" belong to such games, "flies – does not fly", etc. There is a number of the games interesting generally to school students. However children play the majority of outdoor games regardless of age.

Number of participants

Also the number of participants of these games is essential. There are games focused on a certain number of children. For example, it is necessary for participation in "cheerful starts" which will be so often organized by leaders of summer children's camps that in each team there was an equal number of players. Usually the number of participants in outdoor games is not limited.

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