Parachute jump: how to decide

Parachute jump: how to decide

Many people at least once in life dreamed to jump with a parachute, however not everyone has enough determination to fulfill this dream. In the aspiration to conquer the sky of some stops fear of height, others – an opportunity to be traumatized, the third – all together. There are several easy ways to overcome fear of the first jump.

To get used to fear of height

The fear of height is considered congenital – it is present at all, and you should not hesitate of it. Even professionals who for the life made a large number of parachute jumps to be afraid of height. They claim that with experience the fear of height does not disappear anywhere, just it is leveled and becomes for them natural.

To get over fear of height, it is necessary to visit, for example, the festival of extreme sport or just to arrive to airfield and to look at jumps of parachutists. Visit of such actions will help to overcome fear or to understand whether the parachute jump is so necessary for you. In airfield it is possible to look at preparation for a jump of professional athletes and beginners. To ask them about preparation, safety measures, or about their feelings in conquest of the sky.

If after that you are still not left by fear of height, analyze that most of all frightens you at height. Try to rethink fear. It is the hard work. Do not think that to you it is terrible, and think of what feelings you will be able to get from free flight. Just try to do some flying by plane. In flight consider the earth through a window. Think not of height, and of what beautiful views open before you.

To overcome fear of the unknown

Some hesitate on parachute jump not so much because of fear of height how many because of uncertainty and fear before the unknown. It is important to remember that the person often feels any fears when he faces something new. He gains confidence in the forces only with experience and knowledge. Study technology and rules of parachute jumps, safety measures, communicate to instructors. Write down a conversation with the instructor on a dictophone, listen and analyze this conversation of the house.

How not to lose determination just before a jump

Just before a jump it is necessary to stop thinking about it and to sadden the thoughts statistics of unsuccessful jumps. Distract from bad thoughts the movie or easy reading matter. Many refuse parachute jump already on the plane: then in the person the congenital fear of height wakes up, it can begin to panic and wind itself(himself). In that case it is necessary to deceive the mentality and to catch some calming thought, to record and stop on it. It is possible to think of fantastic feelings which you will be able to feel in free flight, to remember joyful faces of those who already jumped, or to think that now you have sufficient knowledge of safety measures at a jump, or to present that the jump is a heroic task which you need to execute, for example, as to James Bond, etc.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team