Paternity in issues of education of the daughter

Paternity in issues of education of the daughter

The role of the father in life and education of children is incredibly important, and it only becomes more responsible if it is about education of the daughter. Since the very first years of the life for the daughter the father is an ideal man therefore everything that is told by the father, they take very seriously. What needs to be remembered at education of the daughter?


1. You remember that the behavior of the father in relation to the daughter is remembered as a peculiar standard of behavior of all men and, as a result, is key criterion for selection of the soulmate.

2. The father cannot criticize strictly the daughter regardless of what she made, she very just can apprehend this criticism as a peculiar attitude of men towards her.

3. All remarks which have to be stated have to be very soft and correct. Besides, it is impossible to estimate mental capacities or human qualities of the daughter at criticism. The best option of criticism is to direct its attention to what can be made better or in a different way (""You are a good fellow that made it so, it is pleasant to me. And let's try not so, and in a different way. It is sure that it will turn out well"").

4. It is impossible to estimate negatively or crucially appearance of the daughter, but also too it is not necessary to overpraise it too, that is you should not compare constantly it to other girls and to say that it against the background of their queen. Fatherly praises – the great soil for pamperedness of the child who in the future will not be able adequately to treat criticism.

5. Maintain in the daughter confidence in all its undertakings and progress, except femininity, in it understanding that any woman will be able to achieve much without the aid of the man also has to be put. It is important that your daughter understood it and realized.

6. You do not shame her some improprieties, especially publicly. Understand that in most cases your daughter just up to the end does not understand what she does. Instead of shaming her, just correctly and well explain a situation.

7. If you explain something to the daughter, do it validly, and in reply you get trust and respect from the daughter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team