Permanent make-up: pluses and minuses

Permanent make-up: pluses and minuses

permanent make-up represents method of color correction of form century, eyebrows, lips. It allows, without injuring skin, to give them desirable contour. Such procedure can be carried to the category of medical. Before to decide on it, it is necessary to weigh properly all its pluses and minuses.

What can be made by means of permanent make-up

By means of permanent make-up it is possible:

- to change color and shape of eyebrows; - to visually change form or section of eyes;

- to make eyes more expressive; - to correct asymmetry of lips, to improve their form or to add to them more saturated color.

Besides, the permanent permanent make-up can disguise scars, postoperative hems on face and some congenital defects. However, in each separate case only the expert can predict efficiency of similar masking. As any other difficult procedure, for this type of make-up has several pluses, minuses and contraindications.

Permanent make-up: pluses

Thanks to permanent make-up you will be able to save the time and forces. You do not need to stay every morning on 20-30 minutes at mirror any more to put the face in order. You wake up attractive, with ready make-up. And in the evening you will be saved from need to delete cosmetics which is carefully applied in the afternoon. Besides, you will look ideally every day. Agree that not each woman is capable to do make-up as it is done by the professional makeup artist. And if your work is connected with physical activities (for example, you the trainer in fitness studio or the instructor in the pool) or assumes stay in damp, hot rooms, it is required to be painted on the run to you several times in day. In this case permanent permanent make-up – reliable and fast solution. One more undoubted plus of this procedure - the rejuvenating effect. The permanent make-up of eyebrows and lips considerably will rejuvenate your face, will return it accurate lines and bright paints. You were bothered by indistinct contour of lips or natural section of eyes? The permanent make-up will help to change it, having made you by the real Cleopatra. Besides, the permanent make-up will allow you to correct curvature or asymmetry of natural lines. Hems in corners century, lips or eyebrows, consequences of herpes and undesirable birthmarks it is possible to hide reliably from views of people around by means of this way. It is known that the woman for the life eats not one kilogram of lipstick. Thanks to permanent make-up you should not have tea with taste of cosmetics any more. The permanent make-up also facilitates life to women who have problems with sight. The girls wearing lenses or glasses should not peer fixedly into mirror in attempt to equally apply eyeliner on both eyes. At last, permanent make-up - fine exit for allergic persons who cannot put usual cosmetics on face. At permanent make-up anesthetic which is applied in the course of the procedure is capable to cause allergy, but quality paints are almost harmless. Ideal option for those who cannot put usual cosmetics on face.

Permanent make-up: minuses

From minuses of permanent make-up it is possible to note impossibility to change. If it has affected only lips, you can easily make up them lipstick of other color, but nothing can be done with permanent make-up of eyes. As a rule, it is necessary to spend not less than half a year in one image even if the permanent make-up has already bothered. High risk and unpredictability. It is very important to find the skilled and professional permanent make-up artist. If the makeup artist is incompetent, he can pick up pigments incorrectly, spoil natural beauty, having unevenly done make-up, to bring some infection unsterile devices. Correction of errors of such permanent make-up (if they still can be eliminated) it is connected with the additional expenses spoiled by nerves and mood. And it is good if you do not have allergy to unchecked cheap dye. However, such problems after all can be avoided, having addressed to the checked salons or having found the master in the recommendation of the girlfriends. Month later after the procedure you need to return to salon to eliminate the small inaccuracies and defects allowed by the master during the work and caused by specific features of your organism. Further corrections should be carried out in process of tarnishing or disappearance of make-up. Their frequency in many respects depends on the pigment used at the procedure and depth of its introduction. One more minus of permanent make-up - pain. Alas, it should be endured. At permanent make-up anesthesia is applied, but it acts on all differently. Besides, it is capable to cause allergy. The permanent make-up of eyebrows since in them there are less nervous terminations, than on lips and centuries is considered the most painless. After permanent make-up of lips the risk of developing of herpes increases, and therefore before creation of permanent make-up of this zone it is necessary to spend on drink antiviral course. Upon termination of the procedure your person can quite swell up from 30 minutes to 3-4 days. Everything depends on the used materials and specific features of your organism. The qualitative permanent make-up will gradually disappear itself, but in case you do not wish to wait, it is necessary to delete make-up with the laser that costs much enough.

Permanent make-up: contraindications

Absolute contraindications to carrying out permanent make-up are serious diseases: - serious illness of cardiovascular system; - hemophilia; - HIV; - diabetes; - hepatitis; - oncology; - blood diseases; - tendency to formation of keloid hems; - skin diseases (in particular psoriasis); - epilepsy. Questionable: during pregnancy and in time feeding by breast. The stress which is caused by pain during procedure is harmful to future and nursing mother. Besides, appearance of allergy to anesthetic is possible. The permanent make-up of lips cannot be done in case of availability of any problems with lips (peelings, cracks, etc.) to their absolute recovery. The permanent make-up of eyes cannot be done at blepharitis, conjunctivitis and inflammatory diseases century. At catarrhal diseases it is necessary to wait for absolute recovery and only then to subject organism to new stress. Summarizing, one may say, that the permanent make-up is not so terrible. Besides, it allows to solve many problems with appearance without operation and to save the mass of forces and time. The main thing is to elect correctly the professional master who specializes in permanent make-up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team