Personal development factors

Personal development factors

Formation of the full-fledged personality – process long and never-ending. It is connected with the fact that the person during all life gets to different conditions, undergoes any given changes and is improved. Therefore factors of personal development cannot be allocated in any one group, they can be considered only in total.

Formation of the harmonious and full-fledged personality – process many-sided and very interesting. Psychologists assure that it should be considered in several cuts and time frames better to understand what served as any given factor of formation of the personality.

Factors of formation of the personality in the childhood

In spite of the fact that the childhood – the most carefree and cheerful period, at this particular time development of the person as persons as much as possible. It is connected with the fact that the child at the same time learns and to interact with the whole world at once and to defend itself and the position in him. And it is very difficult for the kid to whom, for example, only 3 years were executed.

Harmonious people turn out from those children, psychologists whose mothers surrounded them with heat and care assure. It is connected with the fact that basic needs of the child were satisfied to the maximum therefore he needed only to direct all the efforts to communication with the world.

You should not confuse a concept of reasonable and sincere love with that that just it is designed to pay off from the child with gifts, food, etc. In the second case to grow up the harmonious personality it will not turn out.

Emotions which are experienced by mother affect also the child. If mother is happy and is in harmony with herself, the child will also grow at harmonious. Campaigns as pregnant, so already and the given rise woman on the museums, theaters, etc. contribute to the correct development of mentality of the child too. Not without reason classical music is suggested to be listened to ladies in situation. The kindergarten (of course when the kid gets to it) becomes the next stage in formation of the child as person. Here the character is affected by interaction of teachers and parents together. If teachers are inattentive and rough, the child will have a fear of new. In case parents ignore the kid, he can become reserved.

For education from the child of the harmonious personality the parents should not swear at the kid, discuss someone, condemn. And, of course, it is bad not to speak about kindergarten at all.

The next stage of formation of the personality passes in youth. Generally this time gets under school. Here the person already learns to interact with others at more mature level. Its acts become more conscious, it more independent. And here already on the arena the society acts. Parents need only to take care of that the quality of this society was rather acceptable. And parents should consider that during this period it is necessary to hold contact with the child as in any another. There are friends. Also it is also desirable to become the friend to the child to understand what concerns him, than he "breathes", etc.

Personal development at teenage age

For teenagers the first sexual experience can become a serious factor of formation of the personality. It is connected with the fact that they learn to be adults, to be responsible not only for itself. Not at all it, naturally, turns out. But it is worth trying that it was possible to call himself the harmonious personality with confidence.

Development of the adult

It would seem, the adult needs less factors for development of own identity. He is skilled: a lot of things know and is able. Actually the adult it is more difficult. They are influenced by a bigger quantity of factors, than in the childhood. And the adult is the already created personality who should break herself. As personal development factors act own family here: the wife, children, and later and grandchildren, colleagues, friends and many others to whom the person contacts. And responsibility on him big, he already adult also has to make all decisions.

General factors

It is possible to carry genetics, biology and physical features of the person to the general factors of personal development. If the person is healthy, he can pull up trees. In case he has problems at the gene level, it significantly cuts down it to an opportunity, etc. Creation of a full-fledged and qualitative individual is a process laborious and long. Also it is impossible to allocate any one factor which, allegedly, influenced. They act all on set.

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