Personal space of the kid

Personal space of the kid

The child begins to show the individual qualities nearly from the first days of life. One of points for self-expression of the child and his formation as persons, is creation of personal space for the little man.

For the child personal space, it not only the house or the apartment in which he lives  it is, first of all the place created only for the kid and is only his property. It , maybe, as the children's room (if living conditions allow to allocate  the certain room for the child) or a part of the room. This allocated part will become for the child a game zone and also the place where the child will develop the mental and creative capacities. During creation of personal space for the child it is necessary to consider two factors, the first factor — game — developing the second, at the same time each of them will supplement each other.

Acquisition of a children's tent will be the excellent decision for a game. Today shops offer the most various options of children's tents: different sizes, design, coloring, and, main thing, different price segment.

The game tent allows the child to create the place for games, to be isolated to some extent from those who can prevent the kid. In turn, mom with ease can watch what is done by the baby.

Such decision lets know to the child that the game tent is the place created only for the kid, and you, will notice with what pleasure he will spend many hours there, pulling down the toys there. Usability of such tents is that it is easy to remove them, at the same time it is possible to do it with the tot, accustoming him to an order and cleaning.

You should not forget about the childish developing sports and creativity. Having put and having removed a tent, it is possible to put a children's table with a stool. Choose model of children's furniture, proceeding from your tastes, opportunities of housing and the price policy. The ergonomic decision is folding or folding the table which easy can be removed after classes with the child. Actually, it is very necessary subject behind which the child will draw, mold and glue appliques, to study by the developing techniques, and having become more senior to study elements of the letter, reading, the account.

Believe, even in the closest living conditions, the child can create "his place" which can be equipped in a corner or to free the lower shelves at a case and do not forget to remind the child of observance of an order.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team