Physical exercises for pregnant women in the second trimester"

Physical exercises for pregnant women in the second trimester"

 It is considered that the second trimester of pregnancy is more favorable for performance of physical exercises, than the first. By this time the hormonal background of the woman completely reconstructs and the organism gets used to interesting situation. Besides the placenta is rather created to protect a fruit from influence of negative factors. But nevertheless there are features of performance of exercises during this period. About them the speech will also go further.

Than physical exercises in the second trimester of pregnancy are useful

In torr a trimester toxicosis, as a rule, ceases to torment the woman. There is a feeling of cheerfulness and inflow of forces. Therefore the woman is ready to take care of the own life especially as the gymnastics brings a lot of benefit at this time:

  • it is possible to control weight;
  • the correct breath is studied;
  • skin is prepared for stretching in connection with increase in a stomach;
  • the muscles which are responsible for patrimonial process train;
  • active fitness classes during this period will help to normalize quicker a body after the delivery.

Important! The positive effect will be shown only in case to allocate no more than 30 minutes a day for exercises, occupations will take place without overstrain and with constant control of the state.

When it is better to refuse physical activities

How the pregnant woman wanted to support herself in shape all the time, but in certain cases it is desirable to suspend exercises:

  • cold;
  • chronic illnesses;
  • severe hypostases;
  • nagging pains in the bottom of a stomach;
  • unstable pressure;
  • toxicosis;
  • the increased temperature;
  • general weakness.

Also treat contraindications:

  • threat of termination of pregnancy;
  • anemia;
  • inflammatory processes in an organism;
  • placenta pathologies;
  • the raised uterus tone;
  • polycarpous pregnancy;
  • earlier there was childbirth before term or abortions.

In all described cases of doing gymnastics it is possible to restore after improvement of health and obtaining permission from the doctor.

Important! It is also undesirable to roller-skate, skates and astride.

The resolved and forbidden types of trainings

Main objective of physical exercises during pregnancy — maintenance of the normal general state of an organism. Such occupations best of all will be suitable for such purposes:

  • yoga;
  • gymnastics;
  • exercises with a fitball;
  • water aerobics;
  • kardio- and light power trainings.

It is better to refuse exercises where it is necessary:

  • to swing a press;
  • to balance on one leg;
  • to run;
  • to raise weights;
  • to somersault;
  • to jump.

Learn whether the yoga can do harm to an organism at pregnancy.

Sport for pregnant women

The set of exercises for pregnant women in the second trimester has to include those exercises which are directed to strengthening of muscles of a pelvic zone, to an extension of a backbone and to study of the correct breath. We will also describe them further.

Morning exercises

Morning warm-up for pregnant women should be begun with such actions:

  1. Sit down on beds, having crossed legs. Rotate the head here and there. Through several turns it is possible to involve also a trunk, having parted in sides of a hand.
  2. Remaining in the same situation, cramp the upper extremities before a breast and rest a palm against a palm. Begin to squeeze palms, feeling as breast muscles work.
  3. Move to a floor. Sit down on legs so that heels appeared under buttocks, and between knees there was an interval. Bend forward, having extended hands up and having touched by a forehead a floor. Become straight and execute rotary motions by a trunk, leaving a basin motionless.

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Respiratory gymnastics

It is very important to learn to breathe correctly for providing organisms of the woman and a fruit with necessary amount of oxygen. It is better to carry out respiratory gymnastics on a fitball. If it is absent, it is possible to sit down on a low chair or a stool.

Read also, about effective exercises of respiratory yoga.

Knees need to be parted on basin width, the back has to be a straight line. Put palms on a thorax. Breathe deeply. You have to feel how under your palms the breast rises and falls. You breathe so within 1–2 minutes.

Video: respiratory gymnastics for pregnant women in the second trimester

Exercises on a fitball

Gymnastic ball — an ideal shell for gymnastic activity during pregnancy. Here several exercises with a fitball:

  1. Sit down on a ball, hands on a waist. Make progress by hips back and forth, keeping at the same time balance.
  2. Sitting on a fitball, raise hands up. Bend sideways, trying to reach for hands. On each party make 10 inclinations.
  3. Place a fitball under a back, plant the feet against a floor. Pick up dumbbells weighing 1 kg. You part the upper extremities. Shay does not need to strain.
  4. Sit down on a ball, hands on a waist. One hand try to reach socks of a similar leg. Then replace a hand.

Video: exercises on a fitball for pregnant women in the second trimester

Important! It is very important to carry out all exercises slowly as during such exercises it is easy to lose balance and to fall.


Pilates represents a set of exercises aimed at the development of flexibility of a body. In addition they strengthen muscles of a back and a basin that is very important in the second trimester as the stomach begins to increase considerably in sizes because of what load of a backbone and pressure in the field of a basin increase. Also the respiratory gymnastics helping to learn to breathe correctly during childbirth enters a complex of Pilates.

  1. Become exactly, rest hands against knees. Begin to curve a back as if an angry cat on a breath. With an exhalation curve a back back.
  2. Sit down on a floor, legs and hands part more widely. Carry out twisting by the building.
  3. Kneel, previously having laid under them something soft. Knees have to be on width of hips. Level a back and develop shoulders. Breathing through a nose, take away hands back and execute them "scissors". The back at the same time should be bent. Stand, breathing through a mouth, count up to 5. The press at the same time has to be intense. For one approach it is necessary to execute 10 movements by hands. It is necessary to repeat 5–10 times.

Video: Pilates for pregnant women in the second trimester

Whether you know? Pilates as a set of exercises arose at the beginning of the last century thanks to the German athlete Joseph Pilates who developed to his technician. But the popularity to Pilates came only at the beginning of this century, and it already carried away more than 10 million people around the world.

Position gymnastics

This type of gymnastics includes a set of exercises directed to preparation of a female body for patrimonial process.

  1. "Pin" (trains vagina muscles). Sit down on a chair, part legs so that hips and knees were at one level. Rest a back against a back of a chair, place palms on hips or knees. Inhaling, strain crotch muscles so as if you try to pull in them. With an exhalation weaken. Do so 20 times.
  2. "Cat". Get up on all fours. With a breath curve a back catlike, at the same time carrying out circular motions by the head. On an exhalation curve a back in the opposite direction. Make 8–10 times.
  3. "Butterfly". Sit down so that your legs were bent in knees, a foot to a foot. Clasp with hands a foot, trying to tighten closer them to a basin. Elbows you press on knees and make them elastic movements as if knees are wings of a butterfly.
  4. "Twisting". Stand directly or sit down in Turkish. Part hands in the parties. Turn the case together with hands here and there, leaving a basin motionless.

Whether you know? The gymnastics came to us from Ancient Greece where arose long before the beginning of our era. The name of this sport comes from walnut "γυμνάζω" that is meant by "a training in the bared look".


This exercise, as a rule, advise to finish all complex of gymnastics. Sit down on legs that heels were together under a bottom, and knees — are a little divorced in the parties. Reach for hands forward, having lowered the case slowly on a floor and having touched it by a forehead. Relax and late in this situation into two accounts. Return to a starting position and repeat 3–5 times.

Rules of safe trainings during pregnancy

As classes are when the woman expects the child, it is very important to watch during gymnastics the state. If there was short wind, there was a headache, began to pull in the bottom of a stomach, the head began to spin, pulse is more than 120 blows/min., before eyes there were front sights or everything floated — it is necessary to stop a training immediately.

Oznakomtes with a set of exercises of gymnastics of Hermes.

In addition it is necessary to know some rules which observance will secure occupations:

  1. Consult the gynecologist whether you can do fitness and what loadings are admissible.
  2. Be engaged in well aired room with a temperature of 20 °C.
  3. Be not engaged on a full stomach. Meal has to be in 1–2 hours prior to a training.
  4. Try to be engaged daily at the same time.
  5. Occupations have to last not less than 10 minutes and no more than half an hour.
  6. Determine the number of repetitions by the health. It is better not to be overstrained.
  7. Train in free clothes from natural fabrics.
  8. Move smoothly. You breathe exactly.
  9. At the end of gymnastics it is necessary to relax completely.
  10. It is necessary to carry out exercises only in good mood and at normal health. Otherwise it is better to postpone them as they will not bring desirable benefit if are executed with a great effort.
  11. If a stomach already big, put on a special bandage.
  12. Do not carry out exercise lying as in this situation oxygen arrives to a fruit worse.
  13. If you after the training noticed that the child became strongly active or, on the contrary, his activity considerably decreased, refuse occupations better.

The gymnastics during pregnancy improves a state not only women, but also the kid. Mother and the child are inseparably linked, and the woman feels better, the state at the child is better. Therefore it is not necessary to be lazy. Give on half an hour in day on trainings — and you will forget about many problems.

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