Pimples at pregnancy. Reasons and ways of treatment

Pimples at pregnancy. Reasons and ways of treatment

Quite often women complain of such problem as pimples at pregnancy. They result from cardinal changes in an organism of future mom. But appearance of pimples during pregnancy can indicate also problems in an organism, besides hormonal changes. And in order that future mom was not dissatisfied with this problem, it is necessary to establish the reason in time and to begin treatment of pimples.

Localization of pimples at pregnancy

Pimples on the face can develop as a result of the wrong hygiene, impact of low-quality cosmetics on face skin. Also pimples on the face at pregnancy can arise because of violations of work of digestive tract. At pregnancy there can be an increased sweating and as a result because of work of sebaceous glands heat-spots can develop.

Except the increased sweating the pimples on a back can arise because of clothes from synthetics. Allergic reaction to some products becomes the frequent cause of an acne in this area. Pimples can result also from problems with a liver at future mom.

Pimples on a stomach say that, most likely, it is an allergy. Also incorrectly picked up clothes or bad hygiene can become the reason. 

Pimples on a bottom can develop as allergic, and as a result of overcooling of an organism.

Pimples on a breast most often result from hormonal reorganization in an organism. Also the acne on a breast can result from wearing the wrong clothes from synthetics or bad hygiene. Especially often pimples jump out in hot weather when sweat glands strongly work and become soiled street dust.

How to get rid of pimples

You should not self-medicate and the more so to take various drugs from pimples. They can negatively affect the kid.

Also doctors strongly recommend not to squeeze out pimples. Even if the heat-spot arose on the visible place and spoils a general view of the person, then it is better to endure this illness, than to press a heat-spot. At expression it is possible to bring dirt in an open wound and then there will be a boomerang effect. Instead of fast healing of the squeezed-out wound, new suppurations will be formed. 

As a last resort, if it is necessary to get rid of heat-spots, then it is better to address the expert. He will perform the procedure qualitatively and will not bring anything in a wound.

It is worth addressing the expert to learn because of what pimples began to develop. Perhaps, it is just hormonal reorganization in an organism, and, perhaps, and manifestation of allergic reaction. The doctor will pick up healthy nutrition. 

Pimples at pregnancy can develop also as a result of the use of various products. They need to be removed from a diet of future mom. In particular, chocolate, greasy food, smoked and sweet belong to such products. Also a large number of a citrus can cause an acne. 

To help get rid of pimples such products as porridges, fruit and vegetables, fresh juices and sour-milk products can.

It will be useful to do also natural masks for skin. It is impossible to do masks on the basis of salicylic acid at all. Also it is allowed to use peelings and srubs for skin. But anyway before application it is worth consulting the dermatologist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team