Pluses and minuses of late motherhood

Pluses and minuses of late motherhood

Each woman has the age for motherhood, but if it does not keep within a standard framework, then often raises a set of questions. Late motherhood has the merits and demerits with which it makes sense to get acquainted in advance, especially if pregnancy is planned and desired.

What pregnancy to consider late

A little more than a decade ago the prenatal record of the women who were giving birth closer by 30 years the inscription ""starorodyashchy"", especially crowned if it was talked of late childbirth. Today the medicine got rid of this brand, moreover, every year the number of the women who are not hurrying to become mother right after the termination of institute grows. Therefore gradually late parenthood began to be associated after 40 with age. It does not mean that it is impossible to take out and give birth to the healthy kid during this period. Terms of birth are established for each woman by the nature and is especially individual. Just than the woman is more senior, that the high probability of presence at her chronic diseases, respectively increases also risk for future kid.

At the same time any guarantees about an opportunity to avoid genetic deviations at a fruit the doctor will not give any though not to avoid similar at the child's birth at any age.

Pluses and minuses of late motherhood

Among advantages it is possible to note: - more careful attitude to the health even before pregnancy, including prevention of already available problems; - a responsible approach to all recommendations of the doctor during pregnancy; - conscious love for the child. Certainly, the last point is quite controversial and it is impossible to say that become mom in 20 years it loves the kid less, than that to which 40, especially if motherhood was given by the high price. Just the woman is more senior, the it is more at her than life experience which concerns including future education of the kid. Minuses generally concern the possible complications arising at pregnancy and during childbirth. Well and one more aspect which is more psychological concerns age of mom: than she is more senior, less time remains to those at her on that managing to put the child on legs. Though if there are no problems in the material plan, then and it is not the reason to refuse to themselves joy of motherhood.

Process of childbirth can take place in the natural way regardless of age of future mom therefore you should not be afraid about it.

Risks of pregnancy and childbirth

The main danger of late pregnancy consists in increase in risk of opportunities of the genetic uglinesses of a fruit increasing after achievement of 35 years by the woman. Can also more hard pregnancy when pressure jumps, toxicosis and hypostases are perceived already not as at the age of 25 years at all is transferred. But more it depends only on the state of health, but not on age of mom. It concerns also childbirth, especially if they are not the first.

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