Pluses and minuses of permanent make-up of eyebrows

Pluses and minuses of permanent make-up of eyebrows

well as any serious cosmetic procedure, permanent make-up of eyebrows has the advantages and shortcomings. Before making up the mind to this irrevocable step, once carefully all pros and cons weigh not to feel disappointment as a result of this disease and expensive process.

Advantages of permanent make-up of eyebrows

The very first and obvious advantage of permanent make-up – disposal of need to daily draw eyebrows that often demands accuracy and considerable efforts. Not the nature has presented each woman with dense eyebrows with the ideal line!

Obvious pluses of permanent make-up of eyebrows – daily saving of time and beautiful well-groomed eyebrows even if the woman is in sauna, the bathroom, bathes or has just got wet from heat.

From the first point also the second useful aspect of permanent make-up smoothly follows: daily economy of several minutes of time which would be spent on coloring of eyebrows. For the true woman five-seven minutes since morning can become, meanwhile, the real treasury of time.

At last, not each lady can brag of ability to professionally do make-up, and in this sense the procedure gives one more huge plus. Day by day the tattooed eyebrows look so as if their owner just left beauty shop where the master has given to eyebrows the accurate form, has saturated them with natural shade and has skillfully hidden shortcomings: scars, rarity of eyebrows or wrong line, etc. And the permanent make-up, unlike usual pencil, does not wash off and does not spread on slightly sweated person.

Shortcomings of permanent make-up of eyebrows

It would seem what shortcomings of permanent make-up of eyebrows can force the woman to refuse this step if advantages of this procedure are so serious and obvious? However not everything is so simple and before deciding on visit to the master on process of permanent make-up, it is necessary to consider some minuses of this question.

Among minuses of permanent make-up of eyebrows there are irreversibility and morbidity of the procedure, several days of not esthetic period of rehabilitation and possible allergy to paint.

First, qualification of the master in permanent make-up. It has to be the real virtuoso and the artist, especially if the field of work, i.e. eyebrows, have irregular shape, too light color or hairs grow in them very seldom. So, it is easy to spoil light eyebrows, having unsuccessfully picked up tone of permanent paint – more dark or is lighter usual, with shade of reddishness, etc. Result – unnaturally bright, drawn eyebrows which to fix it is almost unreal. The second important point – morbidity of the procedure and unpleasant oblezaniye of skin within several days after the procedure. It is necessary to ask the master on that how many days will depart devitalized epidermis with what medicines it is necessary to grease eyebrows during this period in advance. At last, it is necessary to pass test for possible allergy from contact with permanent paint – this nuance can become solving at the decision to do, or to refuse permanent make-up of eyebrows.

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