Preeklampsiya: reasons, symptoms, treatment

Preeklampsiya: reasons, symptoms, treatment

Preeklampsiya of pregnant women – the pathological state which is shown in increase in arterial blood pressure, puffiness, a liquid delay in fabrics, rapid enrollment of weight, emergence of protein in urine. Late toxicosis complicates receipt to a fruit of nutrients, has negative effect on a liver, kidneys and a brain of the pregnant woman.

The reasons of a preeklampsiya are not up to the end studied, more often physicians point to genetic anomalies, problems in formation of a placenta, improper feeding and the mode, presence of chronic diseases.

Such risk factors of development of a preeklampsiya as gestosis in last pregnancies, heredity, a chronic hypertension, diseases of kidneys, a trombofiliya, diabetes and other autoimmune diseases, polycarpous pregnancy, late and early age, obesity are distinguished.

Preeklmapsiya proves the following symptoms: severe ongoing headaches, doubling and turbidity in eyes, pain in the top part of a stomach, dizziness, a sharp increase in weight, puffiness, nausea and vomiting in the late stages of pregnancy. Treatment of a preeklampsiya is impossible, but the majority of manifestations of a gestosis can be controlled. Regular inspections pregnant with the attending physician are performed, tests of blood and urine are made. Physical activity of the woman has to be limited, prescribing of the medicines reducing pressure is possible. In hard cases of a preeklampsiya the hospitalization is required. At pregnancy term less than 34 weeks corticosteroids which application helps to be created by a lung of the kid quicker are appointed. If necessary patrimonial activity is stimulated before the put terms.

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