Pregnancy and flight - whether it is possible for future mothers in the plane?

Pregnancy and flight - whether it is possible for future mothers in the plane?

Future mothers should make flights by plane too. It can be caused by work or the long-awaited holiday planned even before pregnancy which does not want to be cancelled.

Before going to a trip, it is necessary to think of how you will transfer flight first of all. As a rule, many transfer stay in air to the first months of pregnancy rather well and without any complications and unpleasant feelings. Nevertheless, it is necessary to consult to the attending physician as in case there is a threat of an abortion, change of pressure in the plane can lead to the undesirable consequences posing a threat both for the child, and for mom. Even if pregnancy proceeds well, it is necessary to think whether flight will become a stress as fears and a stress can lead to premature birth.

If the decision not to refuse flight is made, it is necessary to provide the maximum comfort in way. For this purpose it is necessary to choose the place where it will be spacious - as a rule, it is the first row or places at emergency exits. In the presence of money it is better to give preference to a business class. Pay attention that, choosing places in the rear of the plane, you feel turbulence stronger that can negatively affect a fruit and your health. During flight try to move more – get up when there is an opportunity, change situation in a chair. To avoid hypostases, it is possible to use special tights.

During flight on the plane system of conditioning and ventilation of air constantly works that leads to drying mucous a nose and to appearance of cold and unpleasant irritation in a throat. That to avoid it drink more water, without being afraid at the same time of hypostases. Before purchase of tickets study regulations of airline as some airlines do not accept aboard women who have a pregnancy term more than 36 weeks. On the term from 30 to 36 weeks the reference from the doctor and also signing of the warranty providing your responsibility for flight consequences, but not airlines can be required. If during flight something went wrong – at once report about it to the steward. In need of the airport of arrival you will be met by the ambulance. The most important – be adjusted on flight positively, and then time on the plane will pass quickly, and you get pleasant emotions from a trip.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team