Pregnancy and SARS: treatment of a viral infection at pregnant women

Pregnancy and SARS: treatment of a viral infection at pregnant women

Despite natural protective mechanisms, pregnancy reduces ability of an organism of the woman bearing the child to resistance to external influences. Hormonal reorganization and growth of a fruit weaken immunity, as becomes the cause of diseases of virus origin. Features of a state demand specific methods of treatment.

Statistical data show that more than 2/3 pregnant women have during this period of a SARS, in a popular speech the called catarrhal diseases. The disease indeed arises against the background of the general overcooling, but, unlike ORZ, is transmitted in the airborne way from the virus carrier to the new potential carrier which it becomes frequent the pregnant woman. The viruses causing a disease, breeding in the favorable environment which are weakened organisms, get in public places on the unprotected mucous, get through it into cages and begin migration on a body. Spontaneously the SARS does not pass effectively to treat, medicines which use is considered undesirable in this situation are necessary. The methods used by physicians in any trimester differ from habitual therapy of a viral infection a little.

Types of viral infections and feature of their course at the pregnant woman

Any virus causing a SARS affects an organism through respiratory organs and gets into an organism through epithelial cells, and then through a blood-groove. No matter, flu it or paraflu, adenoviral or respiratory sintitsialnaya infection, reovirus, adenovirus or enterovirus. Intoxication developing in an organism in different degree of expressiveness – result of activity of a virus. During the pregnant period the immunity is reconstructed not to tear away a fruit, and the organism has the lowered resistance. The second potential danger is shown in the third trimester because of a raising by a diaphragm uterus. The movements of lungs are limited, the tone of smooth muscles is lowered. All this creates prerequisites for development of the complicated course of disease.

At the same time the arsenal of possible means to carry out treatment, is much less because medicine can affect a fruit too. The woman surely has to be treated to avoid pathological influence of microorganisms. They can lead to heavy violations in natural course of pregnancy:

  • to provoke violation of exchange intra placentary processes;
  • even more to lower activity of immune cages;
  • at hit in a germinal bubble to cause violations in development of a fruit;
  • at considerable reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms to lead to germ death.

Any symptom of the SARS diagnosed as cold at pregnancy signals about potential danger to the born child and demands elimination as the factor capable to cause any given complication.

Symptoms of a SARS and potential danger

At a SARS the symptoms similar to a catarrhal disease are observed. Each of them is result of activity of pathogenic microorganisms and can lead to irreversible consequences:

  • temperature, usually subfebrilny, demonstrates increase in resilience of an organism, but can cause rejection of a fruit as a result of decrease in a blood-groove;
  • cough in not a lecheny state causes development of complications (pharyngitis, laryngitis) because of allocation of a phlegm;
  • cold complicates breath of the woman that leads to strengthening of symptoms of intoxication and by that reduces supply of a fruit with oxygen;
  • severe intoxication fruits of activity of a virus leads to poisoning which can get even through a protective germinal bubble

Deterioration in the general state, weakness, muscle pain, headache – all this the symptoms of a viral infection characteristic of the person beginning to be ill. But if in usual time it is possible to cope with it, using strong medicines, in particular, an antibiotic or immunoperformance-enhancing drug, then during pregnancy such means are forbidden. Intake of not resolved drugs during the early period of formation of a fruit can have especially harmful consequences. Contraindicated medicine can cause uglinesses and congenital anomalies in future kid.

Treatment of temperature at a viral infection

Does not consider it necessary to force down temperature which is not reaching +38 degrees modern medicine. This evidence of fight which is conducted with a virus by an organism. After overcoming this barrier there comes the danger of change of proteinaceous structures. As any usual means is not suitable for knocking down, at pregnancy it is only possible to use acetic lotions and plentiful drink with febrifugal effect. It is possible to drink:

  • weak green tea with honey and a lemon;
  • camomile broth;
  • tea with raspberry jam;
  • dogrose broth;
  • cranberry drink;
  • the made lime color.

Some of the listed broths and teas not only strengthen sweating that in itself reduces temperature, but also possess the known febrifugal action. So many women of it have enough to feel better.

Though to accept as febrifugal medicines does not follow, sometimes doctors resolve paracetamol. But only as a last resort, if the condition of the woman does not improve folk and safe remedies. To use only after consultation with the doctor, it is strict in the appointed dosage.

Treatment of cough and cold

Treatment of cough and cold should be begun as soon as the person begins to get sick. Unproductive (dry) cough should be transferred to productive (damp) and to apply expectorant not medicamentous, but plant origin. Well cough is affected by treatment by means of usual table salt. It is productive to otkharkivat a phlegm to bring products of a pathogenic virus out of an organism, inhalation with officinal herbs or medical aromatic oils helps. Any medicine of chemical origin should not be applied.

Also rinsings which use at a sore throat can give expectorant effect. They are useful as a protivokashlevy measure while there is dry cough irritating a throat. At cold it is necessary to keep legs in the warm, but at all not to soar, better just to warm. It is possible to wash a nose with warm water with salt, to drip safe vegetable medicines (Akwa Māris or Sinupret).

What it is necessary to remember

It is impossible to have at pregnancy viral diseases, but to risk to ache is exposed during epidemic any woman. The disease cannot be neglected, with it it is necessary to do something. It is better to use easy and natural ways of treatment:

  • vegetable broths and plentiful drink;
  • rinsings of a nose and the resolved drops;
  • inhalations and washings;
  • compresses from salt or a pulverizing;
  • Aram of oils and phytotherapy.

Treatment will longer last, simplification will come not so soon as with synthetic medicines, but the fruit will not be subject to risks. It is necessary to perform the sparing treatment irrespective of the woman's term even if you are not sure of pregnancy and only saw positive test.

At pregnancy it is necessary to increase organism resilience healthy food, walks in the fresh air and the use of juice, fruit drinks, broths of herbs, vegetables and fruit. It is impossible to avoid big congestions of people where there are potential carriers of a virus, but it is possible to meet an infection in an organism fully equipped, ready to possible troubles and full of strength. Otherwise it will be extremely difficult to defeat a virus.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team