Pregnancy and ultrasonography: advantage or harm

Pregnancy and ultrasonography: advantage or harm

Pregnant women pay special attention to a condition of the organism and pay special attention to environment factors which can make adverse effect on development of a fruit. During pregnancy carrying out three, and sometimes and more procedures of ultrasonography is necessary. Some consider that ultrasonography can do harm to the kid developing in a womb.

Ultrasonography is carried out by the special device, thanks to ultrasonic waves and by means of the special program on the screen it is possible to see the black-and-white image of a fruit. As considers most of scientists, these waves have no harmful impact, on an organism of the pregnant woman and kid in her womb. However thermal impact of ultrasound on a fruit can disturb it, but ultrasonography is not at the same time potentially dangerous procedure.

Despite assurances of most of scientists about lack of harm of ultrasonography for the pregnant woman and her fruit, disputes in science continue due to the lack of reliable researches. Experiments which were made on animals showed that continuous influence of ultrasound influences growth and development of an embryo in general, but during application of this method of diagnostics in modern medicine was not recorded any confirmation of harmful influence of ultrasonography on a human body.

It is possible to say with confidence that ultrasonography brings big benefit when conducting pregnancy. It allows to reveal on early terms of a deviation in pregnancy development, to exclude life-threatening and development of a fruit of a complication. Ultrasonography of the first trimester (10-14 weeks) detects possible malformations, defines quantity of fruits, specifies pregnancy terms, on the second ultrasonography (20-24 weeks) the condition of amniotic waters, development of bodies of a fruit is studied, gender of future child is assigned, on the last ultrasonography (32-34 weeks) the weight and extent of development of the kid, a condition of a placenta is estimated, presentation of a fruit is defined. Modern doctors speak of ultrasonography as about one of the safest methods of a research, but you should not abuse this procedure nevertheless, it is necessary to pass it only with need and according to the recommendation of the obstetrician-gynecologist.

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