Pregnancy and walks in the fresh air

Pregnancy and walks in the fresh air

During pregnancy there are situations when sports activities are contraindicated, in this case future mothers will be come to the rescue by walks in the fresh air. Thanks to foot walks all systems of an organism will correctly function, fabrics will receive necessary oxygen, and future mom will be able to support a figure in good and beautiful shape.

Walks are directed to strengthening of muscles, to strengthening of blood supply of bone tissues thanks to what exchange of calcium improves, and it is not washed away from bones. Walking on foot allows to forget about anemia as at active blood circulation of fabric in sufficient volume are saturated with oxygen. Walks also are useful to intestines which work returns to normal and women cease to suffer from locks which often arise during pregnancy.

Except salutary physiological influence, walks improve also an emotional state, lightening the mood and causing positive emotions.

That walks were the most useful, it is necessary to remember several simple rules: 1) It is necessary to walk at least 1.5 hours daily, but better to begin with small walks, especially if before pregnancy the way of life was inactive. 2) In hot time of walk it is the best of all to make in the morning (up to 11) and in the evening (after 17 hours), avoiding midday heat which very strongly exhausts and does not make salutary impact on an organism. 3) Try not to leave far from the house that there was an opportunity to take rest, walk in places where there are recreation areas or just benches. 4) The perfect place for walks parks, coastal zones, the woods. Here it is possible not only to breathe fresh air, but also at the same time to enjoy the pacifying types.

Walks do not need to be cancelled in case of change of weather (of course, it is only about little changes, such as seasonal change of weather, but not hurricanes, tornadoes and heavy rains). The main thing is correct to select clothes that in it was and is warm, both is dry, and is comfortable. During walks it is possible to accelerate or reduce walking speed, creating additional physical activities, but at the same time it is necessary to watch that short wind did not develop. Despite all positive sides of foot walks, they have also contraindications. The most important opponent of walks in the fresh air – an allergy to plants and pollen, especially during blossoming. At this time it is better to refrain from walks. Also it is impossible to walk near industrial facilities, busy automobile roads.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team