Pregnancy definition by national methods

Pregnancy definition by national methods

Each woman who very much waits for pregnancy approach wants to learn about that is she is pregnant or not.

Usually women begin to observe and listen more often for themselves to the organism. To a delay of the woman look for national ways of definition of pregnancy.

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The first signs of the occurred pregnancy:

  • Periods delay. It is very widespread and sure sign of the begun pregnancy. But often delays are caused by any hormonal changes in an organism. Also at an irregular cycle you should not be guided by this sign. Often women do not pay attention to delays at all.
  • Hypersensibility and breast pains. Actually, a big half of women have these feelings before each periods. But during pregnancy the pain is slightly more severe.
  • Special relation to smells and aromas. Practically all pregnant women become sensitive to smells.
  • The increased breast. Some women find increase in a breast in the early stage of pregnancy. But most often this sign is present at the last trimester of pregnancy.
  • Frequent nausea in the mornings. Most often morning toxicosis begins on the 2nd month of pregnancy and lasts no more than two month. Very seldom nausea is shown at the very beginning of pregnancy.

Special feelings in the bottom of a stomach, as the first sign of pregnancy

More often women notice that at pregnancy approach they feel unclear feelings in the bottom of a stomach — pandiculations, gripes, discomfort. And often these pains strong and unexpected.

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Changes of tastes

On early terms at women flavoring addictions change. What they before a fir-tree with pleasure can cause disgust and vice versa.

High temperature of a body

Not all women notice temperature increase. It is normal, together with temperature increase can be shown — headaches, a general malaise, cold. These symptoms very much remind the beginning of an infectious disease. Therefore often pregnancy is confused with a disease. But it is always necessary to be attentive and to watch the general condition of the organism.

It is also important to learn about pyelonephritis at pregnancy. The more you know, the it is better to sleep.

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