Pregnancy during study

Pregnancy during study

The first pregnancy at many women falls on student's years. Statistically modern women most often give birth to the first kid in 19-24 years, is more rare – in 24-28 years. Today we will talk about how to combine study and pregnancy.

What does the pregnant student need to solve first of all?

The most important that it is necessary to make – to place for himself priorities. Study can wait, and here the child will not wait. Therefore on the first place for you there has to be pregnancy. Nothing happens to study. As a last resort – the academic holiday still nobody cancelled.

What problems can pregnancy bring during study?

Psychological. It will be slightly more difficult to that who studies on full-time department to get over that new life – new rules. It will be daily difficult to observe how girlfriends classmates have fun, knowing that for you this fun in the past. Be ready that it is necessary to refuse many personal interests, visits of clubs, extreme sports. Now your task is to take out and give birth to the healthy and strong kid. It is more important, than to buy a new handbag or to get acquainted with the next boy in the park?

Difficulties with teachers. To our deep regret, not all teachers make concessions to pregnant students. Moreover, some of them remorselessly begin "to bring down" future mom at examination. What these persons are guided by – it is unknown. Especially silly, when women occur among such teachers. There is a feeling that they too quickly forgot how they were in the family way and coped with all difficulties arising during pregnancy. Well it is fine, let it will remain on their conscience. The fact that such teachers very much and are not enough pleases. In the majority, they are quite adequate people who willingly make concessions to pregnant students.

Truancies and "tails". It is no secret that pregnancy often is followed by problems. Many mothers should endure both toxicosis, and heartburn, and a usual indisposition. About what study can there be a speech when there is only one desire – to get under a blanket and to lie there, it will not become easier yet? The annoying that such feeling at pregnant students (and not only students) arises nearly 7 days a week. From there are truancies because of which difficulties in the relations with teachers and dean's office begin.

Constant fatigue and indispositions. Pregnant students are recommended to warn teachers about the interesting situation in advance. It is very difficult to sit out an hour and a half without interruption in one pose. Explain that you need to go few times beyond couple in a corridor to walk. To be long time in one situation – it is harmful. If you intelligibly explain it to the teacher, nobody will begin to object if you during couple get up and will leave in a corridor.

Pregnancy during study – not doomsday

Study and pregnancy can be combined. The main thing is to be adjusted on a positive. Pregnancy – not a disease, it is not necessary to represent from itself poor and tired to pass a test. Teachers willingly will meet halfway if they notice that the pregnant student with pleasure attends lectures and is interested in study.

If your pregnancy proceeds not in the best way if you see that to combine study and pregnancy it is impossible in any way, take akady. In it there is nothing terrible. Now the little man living with you under heart is much more important. Believe, teachers will not take offense if you say goodbye to them all for 1 year. It will be much better, than to try to combine what cannot be combined for certain reasons.

Once I had to make sure that to combine study and pregnancy – it is not so simple. Being a pregnant student, I arrived to a session to other city (at that time I already studied on correspondence department) and for the 3rd day of a session was hospitalized with threat of an abortion. At that time the term of pregnancy was 7 months. How do you think whether it was worth it? Perhaps, it would be more reasonable to take akady in advance and to derive pleasure from pregnancy? Study study, and the child – is more important. It is a pity that understanding of such simple truth comes too late. As a result – I after all had to take the academic vacation because to return to University, after two-week stay in hospital, there was no wish any more. Health of the daughter was more important than study for me.

Do not worry, thousands of little girls go on the academic leave, and then come back to study. In most cases is a wise decision. Pregnant students in addition have 2 more exits.

If future mom studies on full-time department, it is possible to be transferred to correspondence. 2 times a year after all, than every day are much simpler to appear at the university. J to Agree about individual visit. In more detail you can learn about it in the dean's office. I warn at once, the few higher education institutions meet requirements of pregnant students and agree to individual visit. At most, what it is possible to achieve – early delivery of a session. By the way, my former classmate Lena quite so arrived. A month before childbirth she handed over a session and quietly went to collect bags in maternity hospital. All teachers met requirements of future mom, having undersigned for the record book and having wished good luck.

Pregnancy during study – not accident. You learn to look for always pluses, but not minuses. For example, when you finish study, the child can be sent to kindergarten. And you with peace of mind will go to build career. While your girlfriends should give up work for the period of pregnancy. By the way, many employers, at reception of the employee to the state, lay down a condition – any children in the next the X years. For you it will not be an obstacle. You will already have a charming tot to whom you managed to give birth during study.

Health to you, let pregnancy during study will not become for you complexity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team