Pregnancy in the winter: features and nuances

Pregnancy in the winter: features and nuances

If pregnancy proceeds without complications and there are no problems with health, then this period can be remembered as the most amazing and fine vital stage every month bringing new emotions and feelings. However if expectation of the child falls on cold season, it is important to remember that this period has the features and characteristic nuances.


In winter time the amount of vitamins B vegetables and fruit significantly decreases and if still to add the shortage of sunshine to it, then the problem of decrease in immunity of future mom comes out on top.

It is obvious that food of the pregnant woman has to be balanced, with the high content of necessary vitamins and lack of excess calories.

Therefore, seeking to provide to the kid vitamins so scarce in the winter, many young mothers buy tropical fruit in large numbers.

It is worth thinking of similar "vitamin therapy" - whether a lot of advantage they will bring to an organism?

It is no secret that pick these fruit unripe then process various preservatives for maintaining presentation during transportation to our counters.

Summer vegetables are the tomatoes, cucumbers, squash which a lot of are found in shops in the winter differ not only in the watery taste characteristic of greenhouse products, but also the increased content of nitrates.

To provide healthy nutrition for pregnant women, it is recommended to replace cucumbers and tomatoes with vegetables which prepare in the fall: turnip, beet, carrots, cabbage.

Exotic fruit can be replaced with the frozen berries which grew in our strip: cranberry, cowberry, bilberry, dogrose.

This measure reduces risk of developing of an allergy, improves work of kidneys, provides an organism of mother and child with a complex of necessary vitamins.

Protection of health

In the winter traditionally the number of respiratory diseases, protection against which to future mom will be provided by the preventive measures safe for health of the kid, increases.

Natural vitamins for pregnant women will help to support immunity at the appropriate level: onions, garlic, fennel, arugula, basil.

Before a trip in public transport or visit of crowded places it is without fail recommended to grease nose wings with oksolinovy ointment.

Special attention should be paid to the comfortable clothes and footwear which is not allowing both overcooling, and excessive overheating of a body.

Fur coats can be too heavy and inconvenient, and the down jackets here extended with an adjustable waist – ideal option for winter walks.

Multiple layers – main "trend" for pregnant women. First, current fashion trends allow and even welcome a combination of different invoices, coloring and styles in one ensemble, and secondly, existence of several layers of clothes allows to support comfortable conditions of future mom.

Hot – took off a jacket or a vest; it became cold – again allocate, without prejudice to health and appearance.

The best footwear for pregnant women – the soft, accepting outlines legs, having a nonskid sole and fasteners - "velcros".

Such footwear is presented in wide assortment and pregnancy – not an occasion to refuse to itself desire to be beautiful and stylish will help to look elegantly and fashionably.

Winter beauty

Skin and hair care always requires in the winter special attention, and in waiting time of the child – doubly.

Dryness of skin during pregnancy – a problem widespread, during the winter period aggravated by the overdried air of premises.

Skin needs regular moistening both from within, and outside. It will be promoted by use of the moisturizing creams and enough the drunk clear water.

At tendency to hypostases the norm of the consumed water is recommended to be coordinated with the doctor.

Whenever possible it is worth refusing use of industrial creams and to be engaged in production of the house cosmetics which is not containing harmful additives and ideally considering features of your skin.

Use of natural base and essential oils, broths of curative herbs and refusal of artificial additives, parabens and preservatives will lead to improvement of a condition of skin and its look shining health.

It is important to remember that the moistening means cannot be put just before an exit to the street.

The best protection against a frost and wind are fat cream which part vitamin E is.

Cream put on a face and hands in 15-20 minutes prior to an exit to the street that the water which is their part managed to be absorbed, and cream components – to form the thinnest protective film on skin.

Hair it is regularly possible to indulge oil wrappings, using those oils which are ideal under your type of hair.

The refusal of shampoos which part sulfates are and use of broths of herbs for rinsings will do good to beauty and health of curls of future mom too.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team