Pregnancy: on what term the toxicosis begins

Pregnancy: on what term the toxicosis begins

Toxicosis — the frequent phenomenon during pregnancy. Sometimes it helps to distinguish pregnancy on the earliest terms as in certain cases from fourth week future mom can already have a constant weakness, nausea and even attacks of vomiting.


1. To symptoms of toxicosis it is possible to refer loss of appetite, slackness, drowsiness, dizziness, fatigue, the increased salivation, sharp change of flavoring preferences, vomiting, nausea, heartburn, hypersensibility to certain smells. If at the pregnant woman a part of these signs is observed at least, alas, she is subject to toxicosis.

2. Early toxicosis is most often shown on the fourth or fifth week of pregnancy, in certain cases a little later, at the same time it usually completely disappears by sixteenth week. At some women it can arise from the very first days of a delay, and in some cases even earlier. Late toxicosis can arise on the second and in certain cases even the third trimester.

3. Physicians explain appearance of toxicosis generally with two reasons. The first are changes of a hormonal background. After hit of the impregnated ovum in a uterus there is what it is accepted to call implantation of fetal egg. Because of activity of an embryo in blood of the woman the horionichesky gonadotrophin, a glycoprotein (HGCh) appears. Besides, in an organism of pregnant women the level of estrogen and progesterone strongly increases. To the tenth weeks the level of these hormones including HGCh reaches the maximum. The organism most often reacts to similar emission of hormones toxicosis. It is impossible to call precisely time or day when it begins as the course of pregnancy in each case is individual.

4. Most often the emotional state which can influence a hormonal background too is the second reason of toxicosis. Toxicosis can arise if pregnancy unplanned or the pregnant woman has fears for health or even the future. If the woman had problems with conception or abortions, experiences for preservation of a fruit and its successful incubation, various fears can contribute to the development of toxicosis.

5. Any the stress, sensation of fear, alarm, nervousness cause growth of "stress hormones" that leads to the general hormonal change to which the organism can react with appearance of toxicosis. For this reason for pregnant women it is very important to keep calm, to mentally adjust itself on safe completion of pregnancy and fast childbirth, all this lowers the level of hormones of a stress and quite often facilitates toxicosis.

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