Premature birth: reasons, consequences, signs

Premature birth: reasons, consequences, signs

Pregnancy after achievement of 37 weeks is considered full-term. The birth which began before this term is called premature, and the kid who was born as a result of this childbirth – premature.

Reasons of premature birth

Infectious and inflammatory processes in the pregnant woman's organism are the main reason for the beginning of premature birth. In the presence of an infection in a uterus there is an inflammatory process of which its defective work is result. When walls of the inflamed uterus cannot stretch any more, the organism tries to get rid of a fruit.

Sometimes, that muscles of a neck of the uterus are defective. This disease is called istmiko-cervical insufficiency. Last abortions, gaps in labor, operational intervention can be the reason.

The woman having uterus diseases, abortions and abortions in the anamnesis has to be under constant observation of the doctor that premature birth did not take her unawares. Signs premature rodovpriznak at premature birth same, as well as in a case with the full-term pregnancy. They can begin with an otkhozhdeniye of a mucous stopper, an izlitiya of the amniotic waters pulling and skhvatkoobrazny pains in a stomach and in lumbar department. At approach of premature birth on any term the urgent hospitalization is necessary for the woman. Mother and the child after premature birth the Consequence of premature birth can be various, it depends on features of a course of pregnancy, term of the childbirth, the reasons which caused them. For the woman they pass as well as childbirth in time, her delay in medical institution can be connected only with finding of the kid under special observation. Methods of nursing of children with body weight from 500 grams are available to modern medicine, at the same time most of them catches up with peers in physical and intellectual development by 2-3 years.

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