Prenatal record of the pregnant woman

Prenatal record of the pregnant woman

The prenatal record of the pregnant woman - the most important document of the woman expecting appearance of the kid on light. What does it contain for what it is necessary and why it is so important for any woman in ""interesting"" situation?

What is the prenatal record and for what it is necessary?

The prenatal record of the pregnant woman - the document in which all necessary analyses, inspections and the conclusions of doctors, all necessary additional information are reflected. As a rule, this card consists of three parts, one of which is filled in by the doctor of clinic for women or paid clinic, depending on where the woman is registered. Here then will fill out all data on the course of childbirth and on the child. A part about childbirth will return to consultation, and a part about the child will go to children's policlinic.

If the pregnant woman for any reasons gets to maternity hospital without prenatal record, then she will give birth forcedly in observation office, and even in infectious office as it is considered not surveyed, so is potentially sick.

What does the prenatal record contain?

It is filled with clinic for women or the paid doctor:

1. Surname, name, middle name, home address.2. What the woman had the general, infectious, gynecologic diseases. What pregnancy and childbirth, abortions. Features of a course of former pregnancies.3. Date of the first day of the last periods. From this day the obstetric term of pregnancy.4 is calculated. Pregnancy term for date of registration. 5. Total number of visits.6. Date of the first stirs ploda7. Basin sizes, weight, growth. The increase of weight is measured at each visit and for pregnancy has to average 10-11 kg.8. Features of course of pregnancy.9. The provision of a fruit in a uterus, heart rate in a minute.10. Results of blood tests on HIV, syphilis, viral hepatitis B and C. The analysis on a blood type and a Rhesus factor, clinical tests of blood and urine, the analysis a calla on helminths.11. Arterial blood pressure, the schedule of pressure since 30th week.12. Date of issue of a leaf of disability on a prenatal holiday. (in 30 weeks) 13. Estimated date of childbirth and weight of a fruit.14. Result of ultrasonographies in time 10-14 weeks, in 20-24 weeks, in 32-34 weeks. 15. Conclusion of the ophthalmologist, stomatologist, otolaryngologist, therapist. The conclusion of the endocrinologist — in the presence of indications.

It to you will be filled in maternity hospital:

19. Date and features of a course of childbirth (duration, complications at mother and a fruit).20. Operational grants in labor. It is specified whether there was a Cesarean section, and indications for it are listed. 21. Anesthesia (it was applied or not, what, efficiency). 22. Current of the postnatal period. 23. Written out (for what day after the delivery). 24. Condition of mother at an extract. 25. Condition of the child at the birth, in maternity hospital and at an extract. 26. Mass of the child at the birth and at an extract. 27. Growth of the child at the birth. 28. Whether mother (indications) needs patronage.

For children's policlinic:

29. From what pregnancy on the account the child was born. On what week of pregnancy there was childbirth. The previous pregnancies ended with abortions artificial, spontaneous, with childbirth, including with a dead fruit. 30. One-fetal, polycarpous childbirth. It is specified what the child was born if childbirth was polycarpous. 31. Features of a course of childbirth (duration, complications at mother and a fruit). 32. Anesthesia (whether it was applied, what). Efficiency. 33. Current of the postnatal period. 34. Written out (for what day after the delivery). 35. Condition of mother at an extract. 36. Sex of the child. 37. Weight at the birth, at an extract. Growth at the birth. 38. Condition of the child at the birth on a scale Apgar. 39. Whether cried at once? 40. Whether measures for revival were carried out (what)? 41. Attached for the first time to a breast in maternity hospital (for what day of life). 42. Feeding (chest, the decanted milk of mother, donor, mix).43. The umbilical cord disappeared (for what day of life). 44. Was ill or was not ill? Diagnosis, treatment. 45. At an extract. 46. Vaccination.

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