Preparation for kindergarten

Preparation for kindergarten

Most of modern parents face sooner or later need to send the child to kindergarten. To facilitate this process for the child and for parents, it is worth in advance beginning to train the child for this moment.

The most important that needs to teach the child to a visit of kindergarten – the main skills of self-service. The child it is necessary to teach to go independently to a toilet, to eat. It is necessary, in particular, and therefore that for the child can be heavy to ask about the help of a little familiar adult. And the tutor first for the child that also is. But without having reached a pot in time, the child will be ashamed and hesitate. And it will definitely not add to it desire to go to kindergarten.

The ability to eat independently belongs to the category of obligatory too. At the same time it is desirable to accustom the child to different food. In a garden by the individual order nobody will prepare and the child will need to eat the same, as the others. Otherwise the child simply can remain hungry.

Parents should beginning to be told the child about kindergarten in advance. As children spend time there, than are engaged. That stories by parents were authentic and expectations of the kid coincided with reality, it is possible to descend in that garden where it is planned to give the child and in detail to ask tutors on classes, on a day regimen. By the way, too it is worth beginning to be accustomed to a day regimen in advance. That by the time of a visit of kindergarten this mode for the child already was habitual. Process of entry into collective can become rather difficult for the child, so why complicate children's life also simultaneous introduction of such set of innovations. If the garden is near the residence of family, then it is possible to begin to walk with the child about it. So the child will get used to a walk route, to a type of the garden. It is much easier to go to the habitual and familiar place, than to absolutely new. Besides the child will see other children playing in the kindergarten yard. It can quite become an additional incentive in order that the child wanted to go to a garden. Thus, the main condition of all actions of parents – smoothness and gradualness. Rules, new to the child, and rituals of an olzhna to be entered into his life gradually, one by one. Then the subsequent accustoming to kindergarten will take place smoothly both for the child and for parents.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team