Preparation of an organism for childbirth

Preparation of an organism for childbirth

What is advised for preparation of an organism for childbirth by gynecologists and obstetricians in maternity hospitals and clinics for women


1. Here also the last trimester of pregnancy comes to an end. The main part of a way to motherhood already behind, and ahead infinite happiness which will come with the birth of the kid. To prepare an organism for hard test - to childbirth that this process did not become flour for mom and the child, let's listen to those recommendations about preparation for childbirth which the doctor the obstetrician-gynecologist makes in clinic for women.

2. First of all you should not forget that pregnancy is not a disease and if the doctor did not appoint physical rest and a bed rest, walk more, walk in the fresh air in the nearby park, far away from highways. It is at the same time possible to carry out respiratory an uprazhneniiya that surely it is useful in the delivery room: the muscles saturated with oxygen become stronger and hardy, and the organism learns to breathe correctly. And the baby who expects the birth receives a sufficient portion of oxygen too.

3. Continue to carry out simple gymnastics - the exercises directed to extension of muscles. As a result of such exercises the crotch becomes more elastic that facilitates process of an exit of the child and minimizes the probability of gaps. Example of exercises on extension: moves legs in the parties in a standing position; in a sitting position to part the legs bent in knees in the parties.

4. It is useful to enter a large number of fresh fruit and vegetables into a diet. Limit the use of thermally processed products, meat (as meat, especially beef and pork, promotes decrease in elasticity of fabrics), absolutely exclude the preserved, fried, smoked, rich dishes. Surely in each meal use not refined vegetable oil in enough. Such food will provide an organism with energy, vitamins, micro both macrocells and cellulose. The slice of black bread watered with vegetable oil is very useful as having a snack. To prepare a neck of the uterus for the forthcoming childbirth, it is necessary to use daily, making as tea, a sage grass, stalks and leaves of raspberry. It is also useful to use daily several slices of fresh pineapple.

5. If there are no contraindications and the doctor did not appoint sexual rest, have actively unprotected sex as the substances which are contained in men's sperm have the softening effect on a neck of the uterus. And, of course, be morally adjusted on the safe course of childbirth.

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