Preschool education: purposes and tasks

Preschool education: purposes and tasks

Children of preschool age are very susceptible. They like to learn new, they want to learn that adults can, it is rather to become more senior. And it is very important to develop this draft, to give to the child the chance to develop fully in all directions.

Preschool education – main objectives

The main directions of preschool education of the child is cultural, psychological, physical and social development. That is the education purpose to school is development of the kid in all personal parameters. And it is not so important when the child, for example, learns letters – in four or five years. The main thing that it engendered interest in new knowledge, skills and abilities.

These directions of education of the child are priority in preschool educational institutions – kindergartens. The main objective of tutors-teachers – the all-developing education. It has to provide full physical and psychological development of kids.

Also as the purpose of preschool education can note creation of peace of mind without which full psychological development of the child is impossible. And moral and patriotic education which is intended to seed in the child's soul love and respect for parents – first of all, then – to relatives, friends. These are those bases which will allow to develop in the kid subsequently ability to protect and appreciate a home, the street, school, the nature and all live. From these purposes also tasks which teachers set for themselves in education of the preschool child follow.

The main objectives in preschool education

There are several main objectives designed to provide full development and education of the child up to seven years. This familiarizing of children with a healthy lifestyle, development of positive feeling of the kid, ensuring his emotional wellbeing, stimulation of activity, inquisitiveness, aspiration with creative self-expression. Also this development of competence of communication with peers and adults, identification and development of abilities of the child. These are the general tasks to which not only tutors-teachers in kindergartens, but also parents of the kid have to follow. There are also narrower tasks stated in the standard provision on preschool educational institution. Treat them: protection of life, strengthening of psychological and physical state of the child, education of respect for the rights and freedoms of the person, correction (if necessary) shortcomings of physical and psychological development of children, interaction with families with the purpose of rendering the advisory or methodical help to parents. The conscientious attitude to performance of these tasks from tutors in kindergarten and the people surrounding the child of the house will allow to provide to the kid full psychological and physical development and will prepare it for more adult, school life.

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