Presentation of a placenta: diagnostics, treatment, consequences

Presentation of a placenta: diagnostics, treatment, consequences

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Normal the placenta is located on a back or front wall of a uterus with transition to its sides. In certain cases it is in the lower departments, blocking an entrance of an internal pharynx. Because of the wrong arrangement of a placenta perhaps complicated course of natural childbirth or performing Cesarean section.

Most often uterus pathologies because of inflammations, operations, the complicated childbirth are the reasons of presentation of a placenta. Violations in attachment of a placenta can be consequences uterus myomas, istmikotservikalny insufficiency, endometriosis, inflammations, polycarpous pregnancy.

Distinguish bleedings from the genital tract arising during various periods of pregnancy from the main symptoms of presentation of a placenta. On late terms they become usually stronger because of reductions of a uterus. The otsloyka of a placenta as a result of which at a fruit the oxygen starvation can develop is the reason of bleedings.

Physical activities, sharp movements, sexual intercourses, locks, thermal procedures can provoke bleeding. Bleedings can be plentiful without pronounced pain, stop and appear again. At incomplete presentation of a placenta they can begin only in the late stages of pregnancy or at the beginning of childbirth. The repeating bleedings can become the reason of development of anemia of pregnant women. Presentation of a placenta can become the reason of an abortion, premature birth, complications of patrimonial activity. Gestoses, lowering of arterial pressure, violation of blood clotting, a fruit hypoxia, its wrong situation are characteristic of pregnant women with presentation. It is possible to reveal presentation of a placenta not only by means of ultrasonography, but also on usual survey by the pregnant woman complaining of bleedings by means of mirrors. At detection of the wrong arrangement of a placenta it is necessary to monitor its migration in dynamics. Are for this purpose carried out by ultrasonography in 16, 24, 26 34 weeks at moderate filling of a bladder. Somehow it is impossible to influence migration of a placenta, but the presentation of a placenta in most cases diagnosed in the early stages of pregnancy it departs from an internal pharynx by 32-34 week. In the absence of bleedings the pregnant woman with presentation of a placenta can is at home, observing precautionary measures: to avoid stresses, loadings, sex life. After 24 weeks the observation in a hospital is necessary. At not plentiful bleedings the treatment directed to pregnancy continuation is carried out. For treatment the medicines interfering reduction of a uterus, directed to treatment of anemia and fruit and placentary insufficiency are used. At big blood losses and a severe lowering of arterial pressure the emergency rodorazresheniye by Cesarean section is carried out. If it is possible to inform of pregnancy up to 38-40 weeks, there are no plentiful bleedings, there are no accompanying complications, and the placenta predlezhit partially, then natural childbirth with early opening of a fetal bubble is possible.

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