Private kindergarten or state? Pluses and minuses

Private kindergarten or state? Pluses and minuses

How to arrive when after the birth of the child it would be time already and to come to work, but to leave the kid there is nobody? Many parents in such situation try to make a choice between private and state kindergartens.

Construction of kindergartens goes everywhere, but how many places in them would not be created, so far their quantity is not enough. The three-year maternity leave for the parent who looks after the child, with preservation of the place of work is provided in the Labor code. However three years whatever seemed big term, sometime come to an end, it is time to come to work, and places in a kindergarten can not be expected.

If it is impossible to delay appearance at work longer, parents try to find the good nurse or a private kindergarten. Each of these options has both pluses, and minuses. However and the state kindergarten in comparison with private, has both advantages, and shortcomings.

State kindergarten

To receive the place in kindergarten, it is necessary to get in line at once after the child is born. In comparison with private gardens the payment for stay of the child in the state institution is small. It is, of course, plus, but also tutors should not expect good salary therefore the good qualified teachers there – a rarity. In groups often till 20-25 children (sometimes more). Such number of pupils worsens both quality of baby sitting, and advantage of additional classes. As many consider, because of overpopulation of groups of kindergartens the pupils often are ill. Parents because of it are forced to take sick-lists, and on good attitude of the employer at the same time it is possible not to count.

One more inconvenience – from the state kindergarten of the child should be taken away till 18 o'clock.

If at parents the working day comes to an end later, than in a kindergarten, they should ask for leave in time to take away the kid. It also does not improve the relations with the employer. It is also possible to employ the person who will take away the child, will take away home and will wait for adults from work that turns into nothing of that kind plus of the state kindergartens as low payment.

Private kindergarten

In kindergarten of private type the payment for visit will make much more big, than in state. But from it the popularity of commercial kindergartens does not become less. Certainly, parents choose such groups of different motives – someone considers that there more attention will be paid to the child, someone was simply not lucky with the place in a state institution. In small group what usually collectives of private kindergartens also are, it is easier to control children. The schedule of work can be a miscellaneous, and here and there it is possible just to agree for an extra charge to take away the child later.

If the working day at parents is unrationed, then the private kindergarten can be just rescue – there often it is possible to agree to leave the child with spending the night, to bring into weekend and know that the sufficient attention will be paid to it.

Parents, however, should consider also the following factors: the private kindergarten gives in to control from the state much less. Private traders are not responsible for pupils, and this circumstance blocks pluses of commercial childcare facilities.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team