Private or public school: where to give the child

Private or public school: where to give the child

The issue of training of the child at any given school is controversial as it is impossible to foresee precisely at what school the pupil will be given the best knowledge. Most often the level of knowledge taught at school depends not on that, private it or state because the school program everywhere identical. More important when choosing school to pay attention to faculty members.

Where it is better

The opinion became traditional that at private schools the attention is more focused on individual approach to each child. At private schools fullness of classes, certainly, less dense, than in general education educational institutions that is advantage. The teacher will be able to pay more attention to the specific child, more often to ask it. And the pupil, knowing that in a class the person is not enough, will begin to prepare more honestly.

There is an opinion that at private schools inevitably to the child estimates will begin to overestimate, without wishing to spoil the relations with parents. The teacher of private school gets paid from a purse of parents. Though this opinion more likely subjective because everything depends on concrete school, the teacher, her head.

Advantage of private school before state also that classes at such schools are equipped better, than in general education. And of course, in terms of comfort, to children to be in private school more cozy. The new equipment helps teachers of private schools to inform of material more visually and interestingly.

Problems of private schools

It is necessary to tell that the children who had problems in general education state often get to private school that is received bad marks owing to what did not want to go to school. Therefore the contingent of pupils can be difficult. To the contrary, if there will be a need to transfer the child to public school after training in private, for example, because of impossibility further to pay training, then children cannot often adapt at comprehensive school. Besides everything individually and depends on the specific child. Advantage of private schools is that they are schools of full day, that is the child will be fed there by not less than two times a day, will work in addition if necessary, will help with doing homework. Besides, classes are provided in circles. That is to parents, sent children to private schools, most likely, on tutors it is not necessary to spend means. It, of course, advantage of private school before state. There are also orthodox private schools. Thus, it is impossible to define precisely what school will appear for the child of the best: private or state. As a result it is necessary to be guided by abilities of the child, his desire to study. Sending the child to school, state or private, it is necessary to pay attention to the teacher which should work with your child. The main thing – that the child felt comfortable and with desire attended school.

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