Progress of the child

Progress of the child

The important event in life of each child is considered on the first of September. Day from which new life, a new round in development of the child begins. The school becomes for it new family. Adaptation of the child to school takes place on a miscellaneous.

Training courses before school positively influence mentality and mood of future school student. In the first year the child shows what it is capable of what type of thinking more suits him. In the first class of special conclusions you should not do. In the subsequent classes it is possible to judge as far as the child is strong in study. And whether it is necessary to demand from him an appreciation.

 Exceptional children

 In each class there were always children who everything were in time, and any subject on mathematics it was at all. The nature presented them with a high warehouse of mind and intelligence. Such children always go on the school Olympic Games. But their behavior in a class matters too. Children who help others and are not proud of own progress, are held in mutual respect of the peers. Other category which is too keen on the achievements are called as "conceited persons" and "swots".

 The children who are lagging behind in study

 The children who are lagging behind in study need additional attention of parents and teachers. First of all, it is necessary to understand why the child lags behind in study. Here many factors affecting progress can be shown. One of the most widespread, is family experiences. It can be family quarrels, a divorce of parents, jealousy of newborn brothers and sisters. Such factors can provoke even a depression and apathy at the child. Parents should control progress of the school student. At various problems, help the child to overcome the unpleasant moments. Do together homework. To the child the attention going from parents is very important. And it is not important how many years to your child. Many parents try to be discharged of check and control of lessons when the child reaches high school. And to him communication with you, as well as is also important few years ago. Try, whenever possible to find time for the child. Let him feel your support. If objects to you not on force, the hireling of the tutor. The child will estimate your aspiration to help. You descend to the teacher. Talk, having found out the reasons in lag of the school student. Listen attentively to both parties, and make a smart choice. The child who feels love and care of parents will always go to them to a meeting. And, above all – you love the child it what he is: humanist or mathematician.

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