Psychological features of the teenager

Psychological features of the teenager

Parents and their children endure the real emotional storm during the entire period of puberty. It is caused by inevitable transition of the child to an adult state from children's serenity.

Teenagers call children who already stopped being small, but did not become adults yet. The age from 10 to 15 years is considered teenage. During this difficult period of formation the organism of the child has the most serious stress — puberty.

Hormonal reorganization influences a condition of mentality of the teenager

Puberty begins with increase in activity of the central nervous system, it "includes" activity of an endocrine system, and endocrine glands many times over strengthen production of sex hormones.

Gradual development of endocrine glands brings the level of hormones to norm within 3-5 years, and the girl with the boy become already the girl and the young man. As a rule, by 15-16 years the puberty comes to an end completely. It is necessary teenagers during this period of time not easy, also as well as to all who bring up them and love. Processes of formation create differences of mood, all is aggravated with full revaluation by the child of as persons. The hormonal splash gives rise to a set of rises and recessions of activity, results in obstinacy and unconscious denial of authorities. In consciousness of the teenager everything sometimes becomes literally upside down.

What parents need to know about

Remember that your child changes completely, he begins to realize himself a part of society and the independent personality. It can lead to complete negation of the authority of parents and teachers. Be not frightened if you cease to recognize own child. He can be rude in relation to peers and adults, to completely ignore useful tips and to find an idol among bright pop culture. The teenager can begin to imitate it in everything: to put on, smoke brightly and even to try drugs. According to the growing-up child, it makes him adult and less dependent on parents. Teenagers often change friends, create groups with the dominating leader. So children try to understand and accept social norms of the big world and the place in society. Idea of the teenager of itself begins to be based on his personal self-assessment, it is based on comparison of with people around. At this age the children want to be obligatory "as all". And also to have all the best, as at all who achieved serious success in life. The main council of psychologists and skilled parents — show patience. The love for the child and councils of those who already lived the period of growing of own children will help you to overcome all difficulties. Very useful will be to find forum parents of teenagers in the Internet and to read special literature. Will depend on your reaction to behavior of the child what person he will become in adulthood.

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