Psychological training of children for school

Psychological training of children for school

On September 1 thousands of boys and girls will go the first time to the first class. Both for the kid, and for his parents this day very disturbing, this event will be remembered on for the rest of the life. Besides the campaign in the first class is a first step to independent life.

 Each child is individual, someone dreams to grow and become quicker independent, will learn to read and write. But there are also such children who catastrophically are afraid of any changes in the settled life, and with great pleasure for one year would remain in kindergarten. And with what mood the child will go to school will depend on parents. 

 It will be not rather simple to buy the child a backpack and a set of multi-colored pencils in a beautiful case. Very important role is played by psychological spirit of future first grader, try to dispel all his fears and uncertainty, try to adjust the child on a positive harmony. 

 You should not frighten the child by school as something terrible, forget about frightening expressions. Otherwise it will lead to the fact that the child will refuse flatly to go to school and will perceive it as something hostile. The child can begin to perceive school as the place where only abuse and punish children. Try to tell about school, as about something light and joyful that the child had a strong desire there to get. Show the admiration on the fact that he will go to school soon, will be able to learn to write and read, will be able to learn a lot of new and interesting. Besides now he will be able to teach something younger brothers or little sisters.

 Try that your kid understood that the school student to be good from all directions. You can tell about the school days as to you it was cheerful with friends that most of all you liked to do, can tell the funny stories connected with school. 

 Do not forget to explain to the kid why children go to school, tell what only thanks to study of people can find a good job and to become successful in life. For the child it is necessary to give exclusively good points. Set an example on yourself or close relatives, perhaps, hold up as an example people who are pleasant to your child. 

 During preparations for school you ask about the help of the child, it will please him. Let the kid will independently choose a backpack most of which of all was pleasant to it, together buy all necessary school supplies, then in the nursery it is necessary to equip the special place for classes where the school student will be able to be engaged and do homework. Also it is necessary in advance goes to future school where the child will study, walk on the sports ground, on a school corridor and if there is an opportunity, come into the training class. 

 Most often before September first parents, but not children worry more. You should not pay a lot of attention to the first ruler, this and so quite disturbing event and if you constantly remind about it to the child, he will worry even stronger. Make the real holiday of September 1, let the child will feel the most important this day. You should descend together with the kid on the first ruler. After that try to organize the real celebration for the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team