Psychology of color: what designates every color

Psychology of color: what designates every color

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Various colors constantly surround the person. At office, in cafe, at home, on the street - everywhere you can observe a variety of paints. Every color makes psychological impact on the person. For example, some shades in image allocate you in society, others on the contrary help to merge with crowd.

Every color it is possible to consider from two positions. The first - internal impact on the person, on his mood, character, emotions. The second position - an impression which the person renders on people around.

Quiet colors

White color expresses innocence and modesty. Not for nothing brides at a wedding most often prefer to dress a white dress and a veil. Fans of this color are clean soul, attract surrounding with the kindness and arrangement. White color of casual clothes is also associated with the fact that its carrier holds a high position and he does not need to perform manual labor.

Gray color speaks about impartiality and advantage. The person dressed in a gray dress causes trust in people. For this reason often at offices the sales managers wear gray clothes.

In many trading companies, packing paper has gray color. It causes a subconscious feeling at the buyer that he bought quality goods.

Black color leads to a depression and gloomy thoughts. If the person often walks in black clothes, without diluting it with other paints, he is not self-assured, tries to disappear from views of people around. Brown causes feeling of comfort, warmth and a cosiness. The people dressed this color, people around are considered sincere, efficient, reliable.

In clothes of brown color the psychologists recommend to go on an interview to get a job.

Bright colors

Red color is loved by natures ambitious, emotional, passionate. It is also called color of debauchery. If in your environment there is a person who often dresses red, be careful. Perhaps he has hot temper. Special attention should be paid to a purple shade. Before it only tsars and commanders carried. Fans purple natures imperious, sometimes even despotic. Orange color is preferred by romantics. Usually such people are melancholic and do not like to fight, defend the opinion. Even in case of love they try not to approach the person interesting them the first. Such people prefer to go down stream. In the family relations they often idealize the partner. Yellow color means inconstancy, ease and ease. Fans of this shade often flit from the partner to the partner. It is very difficult to hold them to one person. Green color causes feeling of a pacification, tranquility. It is color of hope, revival. The person preferring green dresses is always full of the ideas. Fans of this color constantly in the movement, like to unite people for the embodiment of the ideas. Blue and blue are associated with the height and spirituality. The person dressed in blue or blue causes respect, trust. Therefore politicians on the performances try to dress these shades.

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