Reasons and prevention of children's theft

Reasons and prevention of children's theft

All parents without exception consider that their child the best, good and honest and, of course, will never be able to take the stranger, but as practice shows it not so. Of course, it is unpleasant to learn that the child steals and respectively lies. But it is worth stopping and punishing when there are proofs. There is no confidence or there is a doubt, it is necessary to specify at first, and then already to accuse, if it not so, the child will become angry and will cease to trust, will become reserved or it is worse than that, will begin to do it to spite. Theft of the teenager has a set of the reasons.

1.   Impulsiveness so-called I want and I will take, but it, as a rule, meets at children of younger age, about 5-7 years. Generally it occurs at children who cannot control themselves. And such behavior passes with age.

2.   Drawing attention of parents. The children deprived of attention because of a divorce or employment of parents, thus, turn on themselves their anger that quite suits them. He takes extreme measures if only it was noticed. It is worth paying more attention and this whim will disappear.

3.      Kleptomania. Here the help of the expert as it is a serious mental disease is already necessary. But this rare disease, 5% of adults are ill it though by Americans it is proved that even from these 5% a half feigns a disease.

4.      Arrangement of schoolmates and friends. The child buys by it arrangement of peers. There are also tretirovaniye cases at schools, and stolen money is necessary to it to pay off. When extort money from the child the peers or children are more adult, it is necessary to help to come into contact with them if it is impossible, to address the school psychologist. There are situations when change of school remains the only decision.

5.      Self-affirmation. To prove to all people and the whole world that it courageous and the bans do not concern him. Parents, as a rule, independently will not cope with this situation, the psychologist is necessary.

6.   Protest or revenge. Control or, according to him, the unfair attitude towards the teenager, causes aggression and such behavior. In this situation it is worth talking to the child, to explain to him it is not control, and its duties which all family members have.

5 ways of prevention of theft.

  • Money in family should not be in the available place for the child.
  • The child has to know since childhood that there are personal belongings at everyone in family.
  • A certain sum of pocket money has to be stipulated.
  • It is whenever possible necessary to provide the child to all necessary for his age. 
  • To set an example not only physically, but also in informal conversation.  

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