Reasons of bad progress and ways of the decision

Reasons of bad progress and ways of the decision

Often most of parents face such interesting problem as unsatisfactory progress of the child. Fathers and mothers begin to be anxious about it, and because of it the relations between them and children very just can worsen. Why the child begins to study badly? There is a lot of reasons, but the following is distinguished from them:


1. Relations of your child with schoolmates. Happens so that the pupil cannot just find a common language with schoolmates and because of it does not want to attend school. It means emergence of truancies and non-admission to examinations. What to do? It is necessary to talk for a start to the child about the reasons of difficult communication with schoolmates and to try to find a way out. In the future it is necessary to watch communication of your child with other children unostentatiously.

2. Problems with health. Children can be ill so often that it seriously affects progress. In that case correct will be to employ the tutor that the child not too lagged behind the program.

3. Relations of the child and teacher. It is necessary to consider possible fear or even hostility of the child to the teacher. It is no wonder that at the same time your kid does not want to go to school. Here it will be correct to talk not to the child, and to the teacher and to find a joint way out.

4. Children can be lazy and look for the most various reasons not to go to lessons. Of course, you should not speak about good marks. It is necessary to interest correctly the school student that he had a burning and aspiration to learn material from the teacher.

5. There is also it that parents very often abuse the children, and they, being afraid to be scolded, do not undertake an initiative in study due to the lack of motivation.

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