Reasons of children's lies

Reasons of children's lies

So, you with surprise found out that your three-year-old angel learned to lie. What horror! But you do not hurry with punishment, think of why in general there is a need for a lie. Frankly speaking, and to you it was necessary to lie, isn't that so?

Unless not you the day before yesterday, having been late for work, told the chief about traffic jams, or asked the husband to pick up the phone of phone and to tell that you are absent. Was? And you, of course, decided that your child understands nothing yet? Alas, it not so. As you can see, you are guilty: from you the child learned that a lie – it is quite normal, it is a way to solve some unpleasant problems.

And here you should deal with a question that for problems arose at your child very seriously: ways of fight against it also will depend on the reason of lies.

Your egoism can be the first cause of children's lies. Do not you allow the child to bring a pebble or a branch from the street? To you it is inconvenient as all this garbage breaks an order in the apartment. But it for you garbage, and for the kid – his first in life treasure. And, of course, time mom does not resolve, sooner or later he will guess that it is possible and not to ask permissions.

Very common form, apparently, of senseless lies – when the child begins to tell invented stories, about how he made something better, than all others and as it for it was praised by the teacher. 

Having caught the kid in a lie, you discontentedly frown and begin to lecture him. But stop! Remember when you in general praised its last time? Do not you find it necessary to do it not to spoil? In vain. The praise and your approval are necessary for the child as air and if a lie – the only way to receive it, then he will continue to tell you fantastic stories. 

Sometimes the child lies to avoid punishment. And here too completely your fault. Whether you are not too strict with the kid? Whether there correspond your punishments to age of the child? If punishment seems to you trifling, then it does not mean yet that it that is also for the child: it is quite possible that for it this most real great grief.

So, we come to an unfavourable conclusion: that the reason of a children's lie, especially, so far as concerns absolutely still the small child, in ourselves. Therefore, and it is necessary to begin with itself. First of all, stop lying. Try to build up trusting relationship with the kid: if he trusts you, then at him the reason for lies will just disappear.

And one more: do not confuse ordinary children's imagination with a lie. Your child lives in the wonderful world of the childhood, and while it is small, do not prevent it to communicate with fantastic beings, to travel around mysterious roads which are already inaccessible to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team