Reasons of crying of the child at night

Reasons of crying of the child at night

Touching show – the sleeping kid, so similar to an angel. However not all children have serenely a rest at night. Frequent prosypaniye, difficulties with laying, hysterical crying – all this seriously disturbs the child's parents.

Hunger and thirst

One of the most common causes of night awakenings of the baby are hunger or thirst. Not to do the newborn baby without night feedings, and here the child is more senior can be limited to juice or usual water.


Frequent the reason of crying and an uneasy dream are physical indispositions: the cut teeth, gripes or reaction to an inoculation. Besides, sleepless night can be at cold and other diseases. At the cut teeth special gum gels will help to facilitate a condition of the child.

At gripes do massage: circular strokings of a stomach of the child clockwise, are useful also frequent vykladyvaniye of the kid on a stomach.

Discomfort and external irritants

The child can wake up at night because of an uncomfortable position or sharp sounds. Make sure that in a bed to the kid it is comfortable: the mattress is rather convenient, legs did not get stuck between bed rods, and the sheet did not get off.

Soft sides will prevent hit of hands and child's legs between rods of a bed and will soften blow if the kid unsuccessfully turns or will fall.

That the child did not wake up from each knock and rustle, accustom him to moderate noise since the birth. All should not tiptoe during a children's dream, we will allow quiet conversation or the TV working at small loudness. The ability of the kid to fill up at small household noise significantly facilitates to parents life.

Children's fears

Frequent rise in the middle of the night at children is more senior can provoke bad dreams or personal fears and experiences. Calm the child, talk to him and dispel his fears. Explain that the bad dream is only illusion and in real life it cannot do it harm. Lie down a little with the child, embrace him and caress.

Healthy and quiet sleep of the child

That the kid slept peacefully all night long, organize an accurate and correct day regimen. The child has to wake up and go to bed in a certain hour. Make sure that in the room the comfortable temperature and optimum level of humidity (40-65%). Before going to bed it is necessary to air the room. For good rest of the child optimum temperature in the children's room has to be 20-22 degrees.

The household humidifier will help to support the necessary level of humidity in the house. Regularly you carry out damp cleaning in the room.

The heat bath before going to bed will help the child to calm down. Before night rest organize to the kid a tasty and useful dinner that its dream was not interrupted by feeling of hunger. Establish and eliminate the discomfort reasons, and the child will begin to sleep peacefully at night.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team