Recommendations to parents of first graders

Recommendations to parents of first graders

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Parents have to remember that on September 1 for the first grader – not only a holiday, but also disturbing, busy day. The child passes to a new stage of the life, the garden significantly differs from school.

When the first flowers are presented to teachers and the call rang out, the child is adjusted on training. It is attentive and serious. In the first days children have a desire to study and learn something new. That this feeling did not pass, parents have to support the kid in every possible way. Then visit of educational institution for the child will be in joy.

The first changes

Often after visit of school the behavior of the child changes. He began to be tired more, he had a responsibility, on him laid hopes. At school the child has new emotions, there he can find to himself friends, rivals and enemies. From what relations will be entered at the kid with peers, and his progress depends. Also during this period the pupil becomes attached to the teacher. For it the authority on the face of the new person appears.

Teachers and children

The teacher's attitude towards children, his professionalism, competence and objectivity directly influence the kid. Often in order that it had a good progress, it is necessary to receive good attitude from the teacher.

Toys at school

Many first graders, when are going to school, take various toys. Parents should not stop it. Toys is a reminder on the house and the child in their environment feels more quietly and more comfortably. Besides, the toy of the kid can be the cause for acquaintance. Children find each other on interests, improve the relations, start friendship. But you should not forget that the toy can become also the reason of contention, nevertheless even such situation is capable to influence the kid positively. He will learn to reach compromise, to share the toys and is frictionless to resolve different issues.

Except toys the kid can put with himself cookies and a pack of juice. The feeling of hunger negatively affects progress. And such care will give support to the school student, will let it know that it is loved and about it worry.

Parents need to remember that the love, caress, support, attention more than ever is necessary for the first grader. As it began a new, disturbing stage of life. And who as not parents can install best of all in the school student self-confidence.

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