Regidron for children: indications, dosage

Regidron for children: indications, dosage

Regidron medication represents an effective remedy in the form of powder which should be accepted at organism dehydration during vomiting and diarrhea. Such components as chloride and citrate of sodium, chloride of potassium and glucose are a part of Regidron.

Regidron is medicine which eliminates symptoms of acidosis and normalizes water-salt balance of an organism. Similar violation can arise because of diarrhea or turn out to be consequence of thermal defeat. Also Regidron is given to children and for prevention of dehydration of an organism. Quite often specified means helps at cholera and infectious diseases of intestines. Effect of this medicine consists in activization of absorption in blood of salts and citrates. As a result the acid-base balance of blood is quickly normalized.

The lowered content of sodium and the increased concentration of potassium is considered feature of this medicine. Therefore it helps to normalize the maintenance of these elements in the child's organism.

This medicine can be used during pregnancy and a lactation. Also it is absolutely safe for babies. Regidron can quite be accepted in house conditions, but it is necessary to adhere to the dosage specified in the instruction for application. So, to prepare Regidrona solution, it is necessary to take 1 liter of svezhekipyacheny chilled water and to dissolve in it one bag. In principle it is possible just to fill in it with water and to allow to cool down a little. If you are going to treat this means of absolutely small child, try to dissolve powder in a large amount of water. Children have to drink Regidrona solution small drinks after each loose stool.

In the course of reception of Regidron children need to give dietary dishes (the fat-free food with the low content of carbohydrates). And breastfeeding is recommended to kids about one year.

No more than 60 mg of medicine have to fall on 1 kg of weight of the kid. In case of reduction of disturbing symptoms it is possible to reduce a dosage to 30 mg. It is very important to begin to accept Regidron at once when developing diarrhea. Then treatment will be more effective. It should not be given to the child more than 4 days in a row. If the diarrhea did not pass, treatment can be continued before emergence of positive dynamics.

In the first 6 hours after developing of diarrhea to children is more senior than three years it is necessary to allow to drink 1 liter of solution of this medicine. Then it is necessary to reduce a dose to 200 ml and to accept only as necessary. At dehydration in very heavy degree it is necessary to enter salt solutions intravenously, and then already to begin reception of Regidron.

The specified medicine cannot be accepted at violations of work of kidneys at the child.

Usually at vomiting and severe nausea this medicine is given to children in the fractional portions and surely cooled before application. A case solution is found in some in a stomach by means of the probe. Regidron is not recommended to be accepted to children with diabetes and the increased potassium content in an organism. Also it cannot be mixed in one bottle with other medicines. If to take the drug in the correct dosage, side effects will not be. The prepared Regidrona solution should be placed in the fridge and to store there up to 2 days. After this term it is impossible to use medicine at all. It will be required to make new solution.

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