Removal of tonsils: for or against

Removal of tonsils: for or against

Inflammation of tonsils at children happens often. The tonsillitis proceeds with a temperature, weakness. And if such symptoms are shown at least two times during a season, the doctor can recommend removal of tonsils. In this operation there are both pluses and minuses when tonsillitis develops, it is necessary, but in other cases it is worth thinking.

Tonsils, adenoyda in the people call tonsils. It is two formation similar to almonds which is responsible for immunity. They get in the way of infections which are transmitted in the airborne way. A bacterium, getting on the porous surface of tonsils, perishes from the produced substances, does not get further into bronchial tubes or lungs.

When removal of tonsils is necessary

It is necessary to make the decision on removal with the doctor. Modern experts recommend operation as a last resort. It will lead to easing of immunity though twenty years ago the procedure was advised almost everyone. But there are circumstances when it is necessary to decide:

- Chronic tonsillitis is an occasion to remove formations. In this case tonsils cease to perform the function, they are constantly inflamed and vice versa worsen the general health. - Tonsillitis more than four times a year. But only if they are followed by high temperature, weakness. - When closing airways, the complicated breath. Usually it is shown in a dream, loud snore because of respiratory standstill is formed. - At formation of abscesses in a throat. In the majority of other cases it is possible to avoid operation, it is important to approach treatment only in a complex. To use not only medications, but also folk remedies, for example, of hardening, rinsings of a throat, compresses.

As there takes place removal of tonsils

Full removal of adenoides is a full operation. By means of a loop from a wire and special scissors cut out a part of fabric. There is small bleeding. Long healing. The first 7 days can be eaten only liquid or pyureobrazny food. Everything passes at children under the general anesthesia, but it is necessary to accept a course of antibiotics after the procedure. Partial removal of tonsils is welcomed by doctors more. There is a lot of methods: from freezing of fabric before influence by current. At the same time dies off a number of cages, they are deleted then. Process without pain and blood can happen in several stages. As a part of tonsils remains, they can perform the function on protection of immunity. Choosing between types of operation, agree to more sparing. Of course, it can be more expensive, but health of the kid is more important. Even partial preservation of tonsils will help to feel during long life well, to be vigorous and full of strength.

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