Respiratory gymnastics at pregnancy: advantage or harm, set of exercises

Respiratory gymnastics at pregnancy: advantage or harm, set of exercises

 Time of incubation of the child is yet not an occasion to throw sport. Simple exercises (respiratory gymnastics for pregnant women) will help women to be prepared for childbirth and just not to get bored at home. It will be told about such exercises in this review.

Than it is useful during pregnancy

The respiratory gymnastics is the system of the breathing exercises directed to strengthening of health.

During pregnancy it is necessary to make thrifty use of himself, but these exercises will definitely not do much harm to the child and mother:

  1. Will unload heart;
  2. Will give more oxygen for an organism;
  3. Will reduce fatigue, will improve a dream;
  4. Differences of mood will be much less.

Whether you know? If to carry out respiratory gymnastics every day, loss of extra kilos is provided, and not for short term, and for a long time.

Contraindications and precautionary measures

There are no contraindications per se. All exercises are aimed at improving health of the woman and to prepare her for childbirth. But nevertheless something should be considered:

  1. You should not devote much time to respiratory gymnastics, everything is good moderately.
  2. It is necessary to gather air a nose, and to exhale a mouth (slowly).
  3. If you have high pressure, it is worth postponing a training.

Complex of breathing exercises

First exercises are done lying on a back, then gradually pass to such where one of the used devices for a support is, for example, the chair; and, at last, in a standing position. It is necessary to learn to breathe a diaphragm (stomach), at the same time relaxing crotch muscles. Very soon at you it will turn out to breathe rhythmically, at different speed. Now in more detail.

Important! At the end of each occupation it is necessary to reach position which helps to relax. It is necessary to close eyes, to remember breath.

In 1 trimester

Duration of one occupation has to be no more than 30 minutes. Exercises are carried out within 10 minutes (all the rest is a warm-up). Do not forget about pauses.

Technology of performance of warm-up such:

No. 1

  1. Breath – shoulders to lift up.
  2. Exhalation – to lower.
  3. To execute 7-10 times at slow speed.

No. 2

  1. To make a breath and to take away shoulders back. To cave in in a back, giving a breast forward.
  2. The exhalation – to return to SP.
  3. To execute 7-10 times, the same speed.

No. 3

  1. Movements by shoulders: up there is a breath, down – an exhalation.
  2. To carry out 2-3 minutes.
  3. To pass actually to exercises.

Get acquainted with one of complexes of respiratory gymnastics:

  1. Breath with a delay into the account.

Starting position – any (sitting, lying, standing). To consider about itself from 1 to 4. To make a breath. From 1 to 2 – to hold the breath, from 1 to 4 – to inhale, from 1 to 4 – to hold the breath. Exhalation. It is possible to use ratios 2:1:2:1. It is necessary to breathe a nose, superficially.

  1. Breath of yoga.

Yogis know that controlled breath is a special part of practice of yoga. One of darlings – alternative breath of a nostril. It is necessary to concentrate to remember with what nostril you work.

Begin with right. Place the right finger over the right nostril when you take a breath through left. Over the left nostril to put a finger of the right hand when an exhalation from right. Leaving the ring finger over the left nostril, inhale at the left, then switch, having changed position of fingers and a nostril. Carrying out a breath and an exhalation, you will be able easily to understand why people do it to focus on the present.

Video: technology of performance of a complex of respiratory gymnastics during pregnancy in 1 trimester

Important! On a breath the breast has to be motionless.

In the 2nd trimester

Before exercises not to forget to do warm-up. Exercises look so:

  1. Harmonious and full breath.

SP – lying on a back, sitting or standing. To make a breath a full breast, thereby having filled lungs with air. An exhalation – slowly to let out the air from lungs, having lowered a stomach and a breast. 2. Breath focus.

While you deeply breathe, use the image, a word or a phrase in mind to help to feel even more weakened. Close eyes. Make several big deep breaths. Present that air is filled with feeling of rest. Try to feel it on the body, the stress and tension leave. Make an exhalation. Taking a breath, you say: I breathe quietly and when you exhale: I exhale a stress and tension. Continue within 5 minutes.

In the 3rd trimester

Besides you should not forget about warm-up.

  1. Breath breakthroughs.

To open a mouth, slightly with the tongue hanging out. On time to make a breath, on two – an exhalation. All this has to be followed by the sound similar on what is published by dogs when breathe. there will be enough 2-3 minutes for this exercise.

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  1. Belly breath.

Starting position – one hand on a breast, the second on a stomach. A breath – through a nose, a stomach to inflate. In the same time to take away a hand from a stomach and to raise it up. Having held the breath, to slowly exhale and lower a stomach.

Video: technology of performance of belly breath during pregnancy in the 3rd trimester

Rules of performance of exercises

When performing these exercises it is necessary to follow such rules:

  1. It is possible to be engaged not only at home, but also in the park, sitting on a shop (or when walking).
  2. Between exercises to make pauses.
  3. In the first week there are enough 16 breaths and movements, then they can be increased up to 32.

Get acquainted with a set of exercises in the second and third trimester of pregnancy and also learn whether the yoga at pregnancy is useful.

Summing up the result, one may say, that the respiratory gymnastics considerably will deliver the woman. Will control more simply the breath and to endure fights why childbirth will become easier.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team