Rest with the baby at the sea

Rest with the baby at the sea

Not each family decides on a trip to the sea with the baby. However if during the trip to follow a number of important rules, the travel will become really unforgettable and incredibly positive.

Planning of a trip to the sea

Some parents consider that before to their kid 3 years are not executed, it is better for them not to leave anywhere, and to spend a house vacation. The trip to the sea with the baby causes in them fear at all. It is unknown how the kid will react to change of climate and as he will feel and behave in the unfamiliar place.

The child is stronger and healthier, the easier he transfers acclimatization. Doctors do not recommend to take out newborn children anywhere, up to 1 month of their life the doctor or the patronage nurse at least 1 time a week has to examine them. Besides, such kids are still too weak for a long trip.

It is possible to plan a holiday not earlier than that moment when the kid is 3 months old. Before it it is desirable to share the plans with the local pediatrician who can make very valuable recommendations. Choosing the tour, it is better to get a tour to the country with mild climate. It is better to refuse a trip to the exotic countries for some time. The most optimum for tourists with small children the movement to the vacation spot by plane is considered.

Rules of conduct on vacation

Getting ready for a trip, it is necessary to take all necessary documents on the child. It is desirable to make copies of sheets of the medical record where there are marks about all done vaccination. To the road it is necessary to collect a first-aid kit at which there have to be anesthetizing medicines, bandage disinfecting means. During collecting it is necessary not to forget to take sunblock cream for the smallest with the maximum degree of protection, diapers, things for the baby and also a big beach umbrella. For the sedentary kid it is possible to take a carriage cane. Carriages cradles for babies extremely heavy and bulky. Often mothers prefer to take a baby sling scarf or a baby sling backpack in which it is possible to carry the kid. These incredibly easy to use devices to some extent can replace a heavy carriage. In the first days of rest it is necessary to observe how there takes place acclimatization very attentively. If the kid hard transfers change of climatic conditions, it is worth limiting stay to the sun and bigger amount of time to carry out in the hotel room. Traveling with the kid, it is better to stop the choice on rather comfortable hotel where there are all necessary conditions. Rest options in lodges trailers or tent towns in this case are unacceptable. It is important to remember that with the small child it is impossible to be all day at the sea. With the baby it is possible to come to the beach only up to 11 o'clock in the morning and after 4 o'clock in the evening. The rest of the time can be devoted to walks on shady small streets, parks and rest in the territory of hotel. If the kid eats not only breast milk, it is desirable to stock up to the road with food, habitual for it. Even if the child before was not dopaivat water, on vacation it is just necessary. It is better to buy water in bottles and it is obligatory to boil it before giving to the kid.

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