Ridiculous riddles for children with a dirty trick

Ridiculous riddles for children with a dirty trick

Riddles develop thinking, memory, logic. Often in a riddle it is told about the most recognizable signs by which it is necessary to determine a subject, to quickly give the correct answer. This type of creativity is loved both at children, and at in adults. Riddles with a dirty trick are especially popular.

On morning performances, children's holidays, comic programs the ridiculous, amusing riddles demanding from attendees of prompt reply - hold a specific place. They require attention and logic, sometimes the answer to a riddle with a dirty trick can be absolutely other, than that which was assumed.

Riddles are various. Here only some of them.

Poetic riddles

Dad a bass speaks to us: "I love candies with ….". On a rhyme in the termination the continuation arises with "meat". But in this case it is necessary to call any stuffing: with jam, jam, nuts.

On inoculations and pricks of children mothers in … drive (policlinic, but not in schools).

Riddles are actively used as the developing and didactic games for children.

To first graders enters a class only fearless … (the teacher, but not the diver as that is asked by a rhyme). Look at a titmouse, legs at a birdie only … (two, but not three.) At a lesson you will sleep – and in the diary you will receive … (two). Three fir-trees grew in the spring in a bosk birch, look at it: all needles … (green). On the swamp about all spirit loudly croaks … (frog). Tomato big and ripe, round it and very much … (red).

Riddles on ingenuity

These are singular objectives for mind. That correctly to solve them, the child has to think a little only. There was a grandma with the test, fell the soft place. Than you think? (In this case the answer – the head is supposed: to it think, but not to what part of a body the grandma could fall.) From what plate it is impossible to eat? (From empty). What wheel by car at turn to the right does not turn? (Spare). In a basket there were hundred eggs, and the bottom fell. How many eggs remained in a basket? (Answer: any as the basket bottom fell. Hint: at a zagadyvaniye of this task it is not necessary to place emphasis on a word a bottom.) That at Adam in front, and Eve behind? (Letter A in a name). How many letters in the alphabet? (Seven: A-1, L-2, F-3, A-4, V-5, I-6, T-7). Why birds fly? (On the sky). From what do ducks swim? (from the coast). How many peas will enter one glass? (Any, peas do not go). What a half of apple is similar to? (On other half).

Riddle in a subject: What hand it is better to stir tea? (Spoon).

To whom do all people take off hats? And even president. (Before the hairdresser). Gray, with a trunk and large ears, but not an elephant. (elephant calf or elephant cow).

Non-standard riddles

There are also such comic riddles on which the non-standard answer is given. For example, what number of actions needs to be made to put in the hippopotamus fridge? The answer – three: to open the fridge, to put a hippopotamus, to close the fridge. The second question is at once set: how many actions need to be done to put in the giraffe fridge? The answer – four: to open the fridge, to pull out a hippopotamus, to place in the giraffe fridge, to close the fridge. After that it is possible to take an interest if a giraffe, the turtle and a hippopotamus run for a while who will come running the first? Answer: - a hippopotamus as the giraffe is in the fridge. And such riddles, cool both according to contents, and according to answers, it is possible to bring much.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team