Ridiculous short horror stories for children of 8 years

Ridiculous short horror stories for children of 8 years

Each of us in the childhood liked to listen to terrifying stories. Actually not all from them so frightening. Some of terrifying stories have quite logical explanation, others – are not even deprived of humour.

There are thousands of children's frightening and ridiculous horror stories, many of them are suitable for children up to 10 years. The most popular - stories about ""live dolls"", a ghost and strange persons. 

Damned doll

Once upon a time there was the little girl loving toys. She collected a collection of the most beautiful dolls in the bedroom. Once the girl walked down the street and came into toy shop. She saw a charming doll and wanted that that became addition to its fine collection. The girl looked for money in a pocket, and counted that there will be enough trifle for desired purchase.

- How much is this doll? – the girl asked the elderly woman behind a counter.

- This doll is not on sale, - answered it.

- But it is very beautiful! I want to buy it.

- Yes, beautiful. But it is not on sale.

- But why?

- Because doll unusual. It brings failures.

- It is unimportant, - the girl answered. - I want to take away it.

- I will not sell it to you. But if you really want to receive this doll, to approach and take away it. It is yours. But I warned you.

The happy child ran up to the shelf, took away a desired doll and joyfully ran out from shop, having thanked the elderly woman.

All way home the girl did not let go a toy. She came into an entrance, approached the elevator and began to wait when it arrives. The doors of the elevator were opened, the girl came inside, pressing to herself a doll. Doors of the elevator were closed, but the elevator did not go.

The girl was frightened, turned white for fear: "My God, really the doll is indeed damned?". Suddenly she felt that in her hands something began to move. It was the doll which head turned, and artificial eyes opened.

The girl wanted to cry, but could not say even a sound. The inanimate look of a toy was fixed on the young owner. The doll opened a mouth and a gravelly voice told: "Press the button, the foolish woman".

Doors to hell

Once upon a time there was one man. He conducted the wrong life, often deceived people, made dishonest and bad acts. Once he was hit accidentally by the car and his soul directed directly to hell where it was already waited by a devil.

- Welcome to hell, - the devil told. - Now you have to decide how you will carry out the eternity here, having chosen one of three doors.

The devil brought the man to the first door and opened it. Inside there were hundreds of people who stood on the heads on a cement floor.

- It seems inconvenient. Let's look that behind the second door, - the man answered.

They approached to the following door, the devil opened it. In it there were again hundreds of people who stood on the heads, but on a wooden floor.

- It is also inconvenient, - the man told, and they passed to the last, third door.

The devil opened it, and the man saw hundreds of people who communicated among themselves and had coffee, being knee-deep in manure.

- It still can be born, - the man told, entered the third door and poured to himself coffee. The devil smiled, the door slammed, and the man heard a voice of a Satan behind the door: "The break on coffee ended! To rise on the heads!".

Request for the help

A story happened at dark and rainy night. The man with the wife slept peacefully in the house. Suddenly couple was woken by a sound of the machine engine. Several minutes later in the house the loud knock at an entrance door sounded.

The man looked at the watch which showed late time.

- Who it could be in such time? - he asked.

Outside wind howled, the rain beat windowpanes. Again the persistent knock at an entrance door sounded.

- Go down and look who at it, - the wife told.

The man threw with a dressing gown and went down to the hall. Through a window sleepy eyes he made out the figure standing on a porch.

The shivering hands the man opened a door. Under a pouring rain there was somebody in a dark raincoat. The black hat was deeply put on the head, covering eyes of the stranger.

- Can you push me? – that asked.

- Forgive, I cannot. Now nearly midnight! – the man answered, slammed an entrance door and returned to a bed.

- Who it was? – the wife asked.

- The odd person who looked for the help. I so understood that he wanted me to push him the car.

- And you did not help it?

- Of course, no. Already late and outside such non-flying weather.

- It has to be a shame to you. You remember when our car broke it is unknown where, two strangers stopped to help us. I think, you have to help out it.

The man got out of a bed again, went down and opened an entrance door. On the street it was dark. Strong wind blew, there was a heavy rain. The man shouted: "You still here?".

From where from darkness the voice reached: "Yes! I'm here!".

- Do you still need to be pushed?

- Yes! It is necessary!

The man took several steps forward.

- And where you?

- Here! On a swing.

Campaign to the forest

Once two friends decided to descend in a campaign on the wood at the end of summer. During the travel the weather deteriorated, it started to rain. In the forest they found an abandoned lachuzhka in which decided to spend the night. Two friends opened a creaking door, and came into the forest house forgotten by all. Having conveniently been located inside, friends fell asleep. However in the middle of the night the noise was heard outside. Friends woke up.

- Probably, wild animal, - one answered. Having hardly sunk into a sleep, one of friends woke up from the same noise again.

Unclear sounds reached from the outside. Friends pricked up the ears. One of them took seat on a bed and noticed in a room corner, near a window, the strange movement. At first he thought that trees shake from strong wind. However understood later that this someone live. The unfamiliar human silhouette continued movements.

One friend woke the second, both got out of a bed and stared at an unknown figure. Hearts of young travelers were clogged, cold sweat acted, both could not move a little.

- Do you see it? – asked one.

- Yes, - whispered another.

The next ten minutes friends looked at frightening outlines in a room corner, it depends the unknown silhouette looked at them.

One of friends took a small lamp and lit on a fear object to banish it. However soon friends understood the mistake. In a corner of the room the mirror in which they saw only the reflection hung.


This terrifying and funny story about one man who inherited the house after the death of the uncle. The house was located at hill top. Neighbors badly spoke of reputation of this dwelling and even said that there ghosts live.

Despite all rumors, the man moved to the new house and decided to grow roots there.

Once in the first evening of the stay in the house the phone call sounded. The man picked up the phone in which he heard an unfamiliar hoarse voice: "I am an uboyshchik. Also I will be chez two hours!". The unknown interlocutor hung up still before the new owner managed to tell something.

After a while one more phone call sounded. The same hoarse voice shortly reported: "I am an uboyshchik. Also I will be chez 20 minutes!".

The man got nervous and began to guess who could possess an unknown voice.

Soon in the house phone rang out again: "I am an uboyshchik. Also I will be chez 5 minutes!".

The man was puzzled and decided to undertake something. However the call was distributed again: "I am an uboyshchik. Also I will be chez minute".

The new owner of the house was frightened for the life, grabbed the receiver, dialed number and called the police. He in panic ran up to an entrance door to meet representatives of the law. Having heard noise on a porch, the man asked a question: "It is police?".

- No, - someone's voice answered. - I am an uboyshchik. I to a pikhozh in a vecheny vemya to ubiat your house and to wash windows. I can pistupit?.

It turned out that it was only the cleaner who did not utter the letter ""r"".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team