Rubella inoculation by preparation for pregnancy

Rubella inoculation by preparation for pregnancy

Pregnancy – very important and responsible stage in the woman's life. Health of future child in many respects depends on as far as mom will be protected from dangerous infections. It is, first of all, about a rubella.

The virus of a rubella is very dangerous to pregnant women. It is capable to affect embryonic fabrics and to do irreparable harm to a fruit, leading to malformations. To protect itself and future child from adverse effects, it is necessary to be vaccinated at a stage of planning of pregnancy from a rubella. Especially it is relevant for the women planning the second and subsequent pregnancies as, bringing up the first child, it is necessary to visit child care facilities. At the same time the probability of infection with a rubella repeatedly increases.

Rubella inoculation becomes once as vaccine is live, and antibodies are developed at once, without the subsequent revaccinations. It is better to be vaccinated in 2-3 months prior to the planned pregnancy. The immunity to a rubella developed after vaccination remains in an organism from 10 to 20 years (depending on a type of the chosen vaccine).

If you had a rubella in the childhood, then the modern medicine by means of the special analysis allows to check existence in an organism of antibodies to a rubella. After obtaining results together with the medical expert it is possible to resolve an issue of need of vaccination. Vaccination against a rubella is contraindicated to the feeding and pregnant women as introduction of a live virus can cause infection of the child (fruit).

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