Rules and methods of punishment

Rules and methods of punishment

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It is impossible to grow up the child serious, responsible, the person, without taking punishment measures for offenses. You remember, punishing the child, you show love and care of it. How it is correct to punish the child?


1. At first it is necessary to cope with the emotions to avoid shouts and insults. You have to explain quietly to the child what you punish him for. Quiet strict tone, more effective way.

2. If the kid made offense in public, you should not abuse it and to punish at witnesses, it can cause a protest and the return reaction. Discuss bad behavior alone.

3. To punish the small child correctly right after deeds, at children the steady concept of time was not created yet, they quickly forget about the events. If to punish the child after a while he can perceive your actions as the unfair attitude towards him.

4. It is very important to explain accurately to the kid the punishment reason, without becoming personal. Criticize an act, but not the child do not call the kid, do not hang up labels. He has to realize the fault, think of how he badly arrived, but not that he is a bad child.

5. Establish accurate terms of punishment, for example, to shout in a fit of temper that you will nevermore give some sweet incorrectly. This impracticable promise, after a while you treat those the kid with delicacy, having forgotten about threats, and the child will not perceive your words seriously.


1. "Corrective works". Various housework, instead of rest and games. To wash windows, the dishes, to put things and so on.

2. Isolation. To calm the child, to give the chance to consider the behavior. It is possible to bring him to the room where there are no people and toys.

3. Punishment by strangers. Children are confused more, having heard criticism of the stranger. On walk, it is possible to ask the passerby to scold a little the child for bad behavior.

4. Restriction of pleasures. It is possible to deprive of the child of delicacies, to forbid watching TV, to cancel a campaign in a zoo. Better if the measure of punishment is connected with offense. If the child did not execute, any task because played video games, for a while forbid to play them.  

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