Rules of good form for children

Rules of good form for children

Parents, imparting since small years to the children rules of conduct, are surprised why their methods not always work. Everything seems simply: to tell "thanks", "hello", "good-bye". But, in practice everything occurs far not so. The child is lost and cannot pronounce also one word.


Important not only to teach the child to rules of conduct, but also to teach, not to hesitate of people. This factor prevents children to pronounce so long-awaited words. Here different factors play a role. As far as the child is sociable whether he has friends. Having learned the rhyme, houses the child told it to you with pleasure twenty times. On public quails. If you do not become angry about it, then support. Having felt support, the child himself will cope with nervousness and will volunteer to show the talent. But, for this purpose he needs to get used to the stranger or a situation. For the child it is a big step in development. He tries to overcome fear, to make as it is necessary.

 Politeness in family

In family where all speak at home politely with each other, the child inherits such behavior model too. He watches how family members belong to each other. When the father helps on with the coat to mother and tells "thanks" for the made dinner – it becomes a bright example of behavior for the child, than reading books on this subject, or viewing the training animated films. Respect for seniors will also impart useful qualities to the child. Having matured, he will not lose them, and on the contrary will increase.

 Let it is soiled

Where it is not necessary to pay attention, so it at the playground. Here give creativity revelry to the kid. Many mothers too carefully watch appearance of the children, without allowing them to be soiled and to enjoy fully a game. When you go on the platform, do not put on new or light clothes on the child. Take replaceable clothes, on a case if the kid strongly is soiled. Allow the child to feel the creator. To dig in sand, to mold pies from dirt, to splash on pools – the most cheerful and interesting classes for the children learning the world. Playing on the plan conceived by the nature, the child develops in the necessary course. Do not disturb it. Allow the kid to play as he is able. Also do not abuse for the next spot of dirt. The kid will be grateful to you. So, you will have trusting relationship. And manners are not necessary here.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team