Rules of selection of foundation

Rules of selection of foundation

on condition of the correct selection is capable to solve number of problems: to hide uneven tone and shadows under the eyes, to level the surface of skin and to protect from negative impact of the environment. When choosing tone means it is worth paying attention not only to color and tone, but also to compliance to skin type.

The first what it is necessary to pay attention to – consistence of means. All variety of tone means is divided into three groups. Cream camouflage has rather dense texture and is designed to hide serious defects of skin – bright pigmental spots, scars and birthmarks. Putting such cream will require considerable skill and efforts for high-quality shading. The product has essential advantage – it most long keeps on skin.

It is simple to find dense foundation in cosmetic shop. He will easily hide skin shortcomings and is much easier in use, than camouflage. Velvety skin and equal tone – merit of liquid easy tone means. Such cream does not create pie on skin and is appropriate in summertime.

Test cream in well lit room, useful will be to go outside.

The harmony of appearance in many respects depends on right choice of color. Before defining color of cream, pay attention on tsvetotip to which you belong. The small experiment can be made in house conditions: take two sheets of color paper, for example blue and orange, bring to the person, standing in front of the mirror. If your face becomes more expressive near blue color – you cold tsvetotip, with orange – warm.

The second method more objective and simple. Look narrowly at veins on wrist, owners of veins of greenish shade treat warm type, bluish – to cold. The cold type suits pinkish shades of cream, warm – yellowish. On foundation tube in most cases there are W marks – yellow, R – red, N – natural that, in turn, helps to choose the correct subtone. W will be suitable owners of slightly yellowish skin, and R — for porcelain skin with pinkish flush, N — neutral transitional subtone. It is necessary to test tone for lines of chin – part where the border of causing tone will be visible. Shade small amount of cream and attentively look narrowly if the difference with shade of skin is visible, so it is not your choice.

If foundation darkens on face after drawing, probability is high that it was oxidized in interaction with day cream.

Foundation is designed not only to hide skin shortcomings, but also to look after it. For dry skin choose the moistening means with easy covering. Owners of oily skin should pay attention to availability of such marks as matting and not containing oils. To humidify dry sites of the combined skin and to matt fat lecithin and microparticles of silicone will help. Silicone absorbs surplus of fat in the T-zone (chin, forehead, nose), lecithin will moisturize the skin of cheeks. Separately it is necessary to consider BB creams. The homeland of innovation is Korea, such foundation is capable to adapt to tone of skin that, undoubtedly, is its advantage. However it is necessary to consider that Japanese and Koreans aim to bleach significantly skin therefore for Europeans color can be too light, and sometimes and grayish.

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