Safety rules for children

Safety rules for children

Education of children pleasant and very responsible work. Each parent tries to put that grain which will grow and will yield good fruits in the child. It is about with what it is necessary to deal with the child with issues that he grew up healthy and brave in society. The first and main subject for the child is its safety. Since early years it is possible to think up on this subject role-playing games with dolls and soft toys. That is in playful way to explain to the child what is possible and what cannot be done at all. How to behave and what to answer – the vital issues which have to become for parents the reference book on education.

Rule 1. Not to go with strangers anywhere. In the childhood we were frightened by spiteful uncles with a bag. And with an ulterior motive. The Child can explain that you should not go with strangers somewhere. The book with bright illustrations in which it is intelligibly written about what can happen if not to listen to parents can become a great idea for an educational conversation. It is possible to watch the training animated films with bright characters on similar subject. On fixing of what was seen, lead a discussion with the child. But, do not frighten the child at all. The result can become unexpected. With the senior children lessons at school are conducted. And with them it is also necessary to speak, only as equals, without hiding consequences which can trap the child at rash acts.

Rule 2. Not to walk on the street to late. This rule cannot be neglected. A framework has to be established to the child. That is, to which time the child has to come back. And it not because mom but because it can be valid dangerous so wants. You should not punish for delay of the child, talk better about how you worry about it.

Rule 3. Rules of conduct in an extreme situation. Such rules should be known to the child, for sure. If the child found out that he is pursued, it is possible to try to escape. And it is necessary to run to the crowded place, to ask about the help of any adult. It is important that the child knew your phone by heart. Then, he will be able to call you from someone else's phone. Any adult, will give phone to call mom. The main thing that the child acted in such situation. Teach the child if he is enough and try to drag by force – to bite, dryapatsya and shout, a commonplace which should be applied in such situation.

And in general, from any situation there is always an exit, and the child has to know it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team