SARS at the baby: how to treat the baby

SARS at the baby: how to treat the baby

After the birth the immune system of the kid begins to adapt to the environment and to learn to resist to all those dangers which wait for the child. Respectively, the kid is ill, and in process of recovery he forms immunity to an infecting agent. Not to prevent it to be formed correctly, parents need to know how it is correct to treat colds and the acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI).

It is required to you

  • - drops on the basis of sea water;
  • - physiological solution;
  • - aspirator;
  • - to call the doctor;
  • - to make blood test.


1. During a disease at kids the body temperature usually rises. Try not to force down her to 38.5-39ºæ. High temperature helps immunity to cope with the causative agent of a disease. The you will be more rare than it to force down, the quicker the child will recover.

2. Try to maintain cool temperature in the room where there is a child. It is also important to control humidity level – too dry air promotes drying up separated from a nose.

3. For simplification of cold dig to the kid in a drop nose with sea water or physical solution. This procedure will help to make allocations of a nose more liquid that will facilitate their effluence. They can also be removed by means of an aspirator, but be accurate – at misuse there is an opportunity to injure the child's nose.

4. Call the doctor on the house. It can be the local pediatrician or the private doctor. At cold and a SARS it is important to control a condition of lungs regarding complications every day. Ask the doctor to write out the direction on blood test, its results will help to track the disease course.

5. Be very careful with antibiotics. If the doctor appoints them to the kid in the first days of a disease, consult with one expert better. At viral diseases the antibiotics are absolutely useless in respect of fight against the activator, and here from them there is a lot of side effects. Antibiotics should be accepted only if there are strong indications of complications, such as high temperature within three days and more, rattles in lungs and other symptoms.

6. Separately it is worth discussing use of the medicines directed to maintenance of immunity – immunomodulators. Of course, such drugs temporarily facilitate the course of a disease, but they prevent formation of natural immunity that can lead to repetition of a disease. Such medicines should be used only at problems with the immune system, and the healthy and strong organism is capable to cope with a SARS by own efforts and without additional stimulation.

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